7 Fantastic Hairstyles Step By Step

I don’t know about you ladies, but I frequently wish I styled my hair differently. If it can even be called a hairstyle, I often wear it in the same way. All I do is wash and blow-dry my hair. On very rare occasions, I might curl it or possibly braid it on the side. Every so often, I’ll attempt to do a ponytail, but it always ends as uneven or lacking volume, so I quit up. I’ve always found hairstyles to be perplexing, but I’ve found a couple that genuinely seem manageable and seem to only require a short amount of time to produce. Seven step-by-step lessons, one for each day of the week, will be shared with you (I know, ambitious, but let’s dream big). If any of you try these tutorials, make sure to mention us on Twitter @HerbeautyCo and tag us on Instagram Our favorite images will be reposted and acknowledged!


Start the week off with a simple hairstyle. It’s very simple to duplicate this cute topsy ponytail. Only 3 tiny hair ties will be required. Even if you choose not to use hairspray, it should still hold. Simply separate your hair into three portions, create three small ponytails, loop each one around the one before it, and adjust the sections as desired. You can get the complete tutorial here.


Let’s attempt some braids now that we’ve managed to put together a topsy ponytail. You would think this one is quite difficult and intricate, but you’ll be surprised at how simple it is. Actually, the braid is just a basic knot. You just need to keep twisting your hair up in knots and secure it with an elastic to complete the look. You’re sure to receive many congratulations and inquiries about how long it took. Once you’ve mastered this braid, you’ll be able to boast that it only took you two minutes and take pleasure in your friends’ shocked and amazed faces. You may find a more thorough lesson here.


Wednesdays are always associated with braids. Most likely as a result of my slight crush on Wednesday Addams. Don’t worry, I understand that not everyone can pull off two braids; on an adult, they could come out as childish. That’s how I came into this awesome option. It’s a very unique approach to French braids. Although this will make you appear like one of those stunning models on the runway, it’s really just two French braids cleverly linked together. For a thorough instruction, click here.


The middle of the week has arrived. We put in a lot of effort and learned three distinct haircuts. It appears that a brief break is necessary. I’ve decided on a laidback hairstyle for Thursday. A sloppy French bun, that is. The easiest thing to make is a bun, especially if it is sloppy. To put it simply, pile all of your hair on top of your head and secure it in place with bobby pins. The nicest feature of this specific sloppy bun is how much nicer it looks on unclean hair. View the complete instruction here.


Why not wrap up the work week in flair and elegance because it is the weekend? I recommend this great hairdo for today. Literally, it’s a ponytail with a twist. You’ll just be performing twists and ponytails here. Also, stock up on bobby pins. Keep your teasing comb close by as well because volume is this hairstyle’s important component. If you have plans for Friday night supper, this hairdo will look wonderful for work and also be appropriate in a posh restaurant. You may find a more thorough lesson here.


The greatest plan for Saturday, in my opinion, is to get hair out of your face. That way, you can focus on having fun while still looking stylish and not having to worry about your hair. For this look, you’ll need a thin summer scarf. It will give your outfit a splash of color and give your hairstyle some structure. The best part about this design is that each scarf will have a unique appearance, allowing you to alter your style by switching up the scarf’s color or pattern. You can also style it however you like. It’s up to you whether you want it to blend in with your clothing or stand out. Here is the complete tutorial.


You’ve pretty much mastered hair at this point. Without working up a sweat, you know how to style your hair to seem cool and edgy. You should surely be congratulated! I advise you to celebrate by getting a drink and dancing. Try this fantastic twist hairstyle to keep your hair out of your face while dancing. It has an attractive, effortless appearance. Twists, as we now know, are incredibly simple to perform, therefore you’ll be finished in a short amount of time. View the complete instruction here.


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