7 Foods That Are Ruining Your Skin

It can be challenging to keep track of the ways you might be unintentionally harming your skin because there are so many variables that can affect how your skin looks and feels. A bad diet is one of these damaging factors that affect your skin the sneakiest. You can immediately harm the health of your skin by eating improperly. However, you can be eating reasonably healthily while still having skin problems. This can be because of certain meals that aren’t generally regarded as bad for you but are actually quite bad for your skin. Here are 7 meals that are truly destroying your skin so you may learn about these surprisingly toxic foods you never heard about.


Despite the fact that lots of people adore their morning cup of coffee, this sultry, scrumptious habit can be harming your skin. Because coffee is a diuretic, it can dehydrate your entire body, including your skin. This may make fine wrinkles appear more pronounced and cause your face to look dull and lifeless. To replenish some of the lost fluids, pair your coffee with a glass of water.

canned water

The daily use of a few dozen water bottles may also be the covert cause of acne outbreaks. In essence, BPA is a synthetic estrogen that the body might use to cause hormone-related skin problems.


Another diuretic that can harm your skin and make your face appear sunken and exhausted from dehydration is alcohol. However, counteracting alcohol’s effects with water and more fluids will prevent you from experiencing the terrible dry out effect the next day.

Rice, White

White rice has a very high sugar content and a very high glycemic index rating. High sugar content is bad for your skin since what the liver does not absorb can end up in your collagen and also cause severe skin irritation.


Salt is a major contributor to skin dryness caused by a poor diet. Unless you specifically make an effort to decrease your salt intake, it is present in practically everything we eat. Start cooking using seasonings without salt. Additionally, make it clear when ordering out that you do not want salt added to your food.

Finished Meat

The sodium and fat content in processed meats is extremely high, which is unhealthy for your skin. The additional sodium can result in water retention, which in turn causes edema and puffiness in the face. Additionally, recent research has shown that the sodium nitrates included in many processed foods might damage collagen and flexibility. This may result in premature aging.

Spicy Meals

Researchers still don’t know why eating spicy food can aggravate certain skin diseases. But they undoubtedly exist in disorders like rosacea and acne. These symptoms may indicate that you have too much heat in your body, and spicy meals will only make them worse. Avoiding spicy meals at all costs is probably your best strategy if you already have skin issues. Later, your skin will thank you.


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