7 Gorgeous Movies That Won An Oscar For Best Costume Design

The creation of costumes is a crucial component of the film industry. It serves a crucial role in telling the story and bringing us to the appropriate location and time. Movies that win Oscars for costume design typically have a very distinct aesthetic. While sometimes awards are given for creating the most historically accurate and realistic costumes for the time period, other times the costumes have no historical precedent and should be recognised for the attention to detail and creativity used in the creation of the costumes as part of the movie’s setting. Let’s look at some of the movie outfits that have won awards.

1.Wonderful Beasts and Where to Find Them

The outfits in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them are inspired by the fashion of the 1920s and augmented by other aspects of Harry Potter’s magical universe. As a result, you’ll notice Hogwarts house colours incorporated into the accessories worn by the actors as well as specific fashion choices meant to allude to wizardry and magic. Colleen Atwood created the costumes for this film, and we believe her Oscar win was well-deserved.

2.Phantom Thread.

The entire film centres on the life, career, and love of a highly odd but undeniably gifted fictional haute couture designer. Therefore, it stands to reason that it won an Oscar for costume design. The costumes in this film are flawless, and the enthusiasm for making lovely clothing is weaved throughout the narrative. The costumes for this film were beautifully designed by Mark Bridges, who drew inspiration from a number of lesser-known English designers and combined their aesthetics to create something entirely new and captivating.

3.Black Panther

We all applauded as Ruth E. Carter received the 2018 Oscar for Costume Design. The costumes she created for the Black Panther films are an exquisite fusion of futuristic styles and traditional African garb with haute-couture additions to fit the plot of the film. The end result is breathtaking and mind-blowing.

4.The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel’s clothing design was created by Milena Canonero. She did an excellent job coming up with original outfits for this weird and fantastic Wes Anderson movie. The colours had to depict this strange utopian environment that is both comedic and ironic. Colors and materials were crucial in achieving the goal of making everything seem happy while still giving the impression that something major and horrible is about to happen.

THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL – 2014 FILM STILL – Photo Credit: Fox Searchlight

5.Anna Karenina

If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll understand why Jacqueline Durran won the Oscar for costume design in this production. They never actually intended for the costumes to be historically correct, but the end product is really convincing, feels authentic, and looks beautiful. The level of detail in those outfits is mind-boggling. The visual appeal of the entire film is excellent.

6. Alice In Wonderland

Colleen Antwood deserves another award. Making clothes for a film with such fanciful elements must have been incredibly enjoyable. The costumes here can only be described as “fairy-tale but made a little gloomy.” Everything about the costumes, including the hues, textures, fashion choices, and details, is completely insane.

7. The Return Of The King from LOTR

You know it’s a great piece of work because this movie won 11 out of the 12 Oscar nominations it received in 2004. Richard Taylor and Ngila Dickson deserve praise for winning one of those Oscars for costume design. And while we can all appreciate the attention to detail and aesthetic appeal of the clothing in LOTR, you should also be aware that a total of 19k hand-made garments were created for this film. Frodo had 64 different outfits all to himself.

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