7 Guys NOT To Date

You probably explored the dating scene by attending every Friday night party, checking out meetings, attending every major event scheduled in your city, and pre-registering for the next ambitious outing, seminar, or concert in an effort to increase your dating prospects. Your feet are in heels, you had the required manicure and pedicure, and your haircut is flawless. Your heart is filled with hope and aspirations.

You’re completely receptive to dating new people and willing to strike up a conversation with a stranger with green eyes, a buzzcut, or even the brother of a buddy. He might not be the “dream boat” person for you. Your primary objective is to go out and enjoy yourself. Finding a new BF is not a top priority for you, but meeting your Prince Charming is something you think about occasionally. We must also acknowledge that everyone of us has unique requirements for a man.

Please understand that we won’t miraculously locate Mr. Ideal for you, the incredibly sophisticated, astute, hilarious, brown-haired (you get where I’m going with this). Other characteristics or criteria are possible!). But by focusing on the male personalities you should steer clear of, we’ll try to make your task easier.

These guidelines are highly useful even though they are not inflexible. Simply print down this information and read it each time you go on a date.

1. The Sleaze-Ball

He makes advances on every woman in sight, including the server, the female airline passenger, the customer in line at the store, the cashier at the end of the line, and even his best friend, who he has known since they were in elementary school. Even though he claims to be sincere and honest with you, he will never actually be. If you don’t want to ruin your reputation or ruin your life, stay away from dating this guy and don’t even consider becoming involved in a relationship.

2. “Aw, I’m only a kid” Man

Simply said, this nice guy needs to mature. Despite being only 16, he is completely at ease and lives as if he will always be alive. He doesn’t even have a job of any significance. He slept for more than ten hours per day and is well aware of the dates for the upcoming releases of GTA and “World of Tanks.” And he’ll buy one of these software programs with his mother’s grocery money. He is therefore completely defenseless. He anticipates having you cling to him like an overbearing mother. He’ll just want you to do everything for him—cook, clean, make money, and live. So hurry up, Lola! Don’t look back until you have traveled a thousand miles from this guy.

3. Mr. Always Right

Please excuse me, but I’d prefer to quit listening to you, Sheldon once said. Before your first date, please take note of it. It will be your one and only opportunity to speak to this kind of person; a simple “goodbye” will do. Due of the ongoing emotional abuse, he is awful, revolting, putrid, and disgusting for your self-esteem. His ego will occupy the front row of your relationship at all times. Ladies, just get rid of him.

4. The Overly Controlling

With a casual glance from a guy sitting next to you at lunch and the presence of all your male coworkers, he has a serious issue with the length of your dress. Be prepared for his control list every time you are apart:

  • Each phone call is met by hundreds of lashes and suspicious tones.
  • favorite phrases It’s your fault, you’ll pay for this, better tell me the truth, “Tell me the truth before it’s too late,” “Where are you?,” “Who are you with right now?” “Do you have something in common with him?”
  • The list goes on and on. Even though you might enjoy the attention at first, it will eventually grow tiresome. Stop this in its tracks, sweetie. You don’t want to be “managed,” it is the last thing you want to happen. Girls are no longer bound by that in the 21st century!

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5. The Self-Ignorant Guy

Are we going to lunch together? For Mr. Know-It-All, buckle up! He will be gracious enough to allow you to look at the menu, but after that, he will make a dozen comments in the sequence you requested, beginning with your interaction with the server and concluding with your lack of knowledge on food. He’ll say all of this while grinning snottily and awkwardly. Are you prepared to appear foolish at every meeting? What if you end up being his loyal girlfriend? Because of his awful, snobbish, and holier-than-thou attitude, you’re doomed! Yep? Welcome to the land of self-centered love, honey!

6. The Grumpy Cat Guy

You never know what to anticipate from someone of this type. He pouts without cause. He is irate for no apparent reason. His hallmarks include the caps lock voice, profanity and even harsh language, as well as hysterical jokes. You might believe that there are no relationships without such emotional slip-ups, but mistakes are made and his drama queen personality is always present. Want to be his savage GF? I assume you already know the response.

7. The Prince from a Fairy Tale

Your “Prince Charming” is not him. Say it with me: “He is not! Not at all! He’s not,
Every wish you’ve ever had… This person seems to have it all (repeat the phrase “He is Not!”). He has a masculine, sculpted body and is tasteful, well-groomed, witty, and engaging. His eyes are also very attractive. He’s just perfect. (The refrain “He Is Not!”)
Every time you unintentionally catch his flirtatious glance, you get the same kind of teenage terror.
You’ve developed a hidden crush on him. Like George Clooney, he has won one of your own “Sophistication” Awards. You firmly believe that if fate offers you the chance to date him, you’ll get engaged that very evening.

Please read the “He Is Not!” mantra if you still believe that he is so flawless. Do you want to know why? – He is not real! There are flaws in everyone. Taking the good with the bad and acknowledging that we are all flawed human beings is what genuinely helps us love and be adored.

Please get away from him and find someone who is totally authentic and flawed. Exactly who will become your “Prince Charming” is unknown.