7 IG Makeup Accounts For Your Halloween Inspiration

These FX face-painting accounts are run by sexy, ghoulish, or a daring combination of both female makeup artists. Because their photos and tutorial videos will show you how to ace the eerie beauty game, utilize these smart women as inspiration for your own Halloween ensembles.

This FX makeup artist is bloody great for just being 15! Her skill is far beyond her years, as evidenced by her flawlessly rendered blood splatters and Poison Ivy from Marvel. Such a sinister mask face.

This Scottish 18-year-old is hot even in mummy zombie form! She has an astounding 132k followers and produces unique, painstaking masterpieces. Better clown grins have never been painted, to be honest. We can’t wait to try out our unique rendition of her galaxy skull.

The artist direction is amazing, and this Irish bae has some genuinely incredible outfit ideas. Although the toxic waste mermaid aesthetic is unsettling, you’ll want to get your shimmer on because of the gorgeous iridescence.

This brilliant makeup artist is self-taught, which is difficult to believe. Her pictures are so flawless that they almost appear to have been changed digitally. Before you see her interpretation of a neon skull, it doesn’t sound all that inviting. If that’s the way you want to take, she posts a ton of imaginative skulls.

We’re shocked this NYC artist doesn’t have more fans given the caliber of her talent. Before the rest of the world discovers her, check her out! Her rendition of the queen of hearts is stunning, and she also has glam/cute concepts like the enchanted fairy and the minion appearance.


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