7 Often-Ignored Relationship Red Flags That Predict Breakup

Romantically getting to know someone is not always simple. Two people that have quite diverse upbringings, histories, and experiences are brought together during the dating stages, and they must work to discover points of connection. This entails discovering one another’s communication patterns, approaches to handling disagreements, love languages, and so much more.

There are some things that should come naturally as a baseline, even though it does take time to build a groove and establish a rhythm that is particular to each pair. You can get insights about your chemistry with your love partner by observing key signs early on. These signs may indicate that your compatibility is not very high if they are pointing in the wrong direction. We sometimes make mistakes by ignoring these indicators in our search for our person because we may often observe early cues that might help us determine if someone is right for us. However, disregarding these warning signs will only lead to more complicated problems and drama in the future. Check out these 7 frequently disregarded relationship red signs that foretell breakup if you wish to avoid the possible pitfalls of uninformedly joyful love.

They speak with their ex frequently

This one actually depends on the nature of the relationship, but frequently, maintaining a close friendship with an ex can lead to problems down the road. This can be a hint that they’ll eventually want to get back together. They could not be quite ready to accept you as their new love interest, which is another possibility.

They frequently bring up their ex-partner.

Discussing previous relationships with new partners can help you both comprehend what the other has gone through to some extent. But if your new acquaintance frequently brings up their ex, this could start to verge on becoming alarming. This can be a sign that they still have feelings for them.

They are unable to work things out with you

There is no one correct technique to handle conflict because everyone tackles it differently. But communication skills are the cornerstone of problem-solving. Your relationship is headed for disaster if there are constant arguments that your partner refuses to discuss or work through with you.

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They have a narrow focus.

A two-way street is love. This holds true for relationship reciprocity generally as well as for communication and emotional support. A person who constantly prioritizes their needs, asserts their opinions, and is basically just interested in talking about themselves is not likely to be able to give you much in the way of reciprocal affection.

They just ever whine.

In any relationship, it’s normal to rant occasionally. It is comforting to have your partner to lean on for emotional support. But a complainer who never stops can be really depressing. Every conversation or circumstance they bring to you is clouded in negativity, which is an indication that your spouse will probably sap your energy relentlessly.

They use their phones nonstop.

These days, being glued to our electronics is something we can all agree on. However, it’s a warning sign if your partner is constantly on their phones and pays you little to no attention. They can be technology addicts or simply have little regard for your presence and time.

They exaggerate little details.

This is not the problem because everyone has lied at least once in their lives. However, there is no need to lie about insignificant or unimportant matters. This suggests that your partner might be a compulsive liar or that they might later be untruthful on crucial matters.