7 Reasons Why You Need Workout In Your Life (And It’s Not About Weight Loss)

Many of you might groan when you hear about exercise because it’s been pushed to you as a solution for all ailments, and most significantly – extra pounds. Fit gym models promote their bodies as something you should strive for, while yoga teachers stand on their heads and tell you this will make you truly happy. Well, guess what, it won’t. If you go into gym with a sole reason to seem like someone else or do some tricks with your body, it simply won’t work. But if you start exercising because you want to feel better, you love your body, and you want to be healthy – then you’re on the correct path. Here are 7 reasons why you need workout in your life.

You Will Feel Better

Whatever is nagging you at the moment – employer, kids, relationships, or that extra cake you ate yesterday, it will all go away when you have a nice hot workout. It’s easy to become acclimated to workout because your body emits a complete bouquet of feel-good chemicals that improve your mood and add more harmony to life. We have an entire chemical lab inside our bodies, so why not use it? Even half an hour of exercising will make your body release a strong dose of endorphins that induce a sensation of contentment and happiness. You will also look good as a bonus!

Stress Will Go Away

Apart from enjoying a post-workout endorphin boost, your stress level will also diminish. Workout is a well-known stress reliever, so if you want to maintain your head, mind, and your whole body healthy – choose for a quiet, yet powerful session of yoga, go on a run once in a while, take dancing lessons, or enjoy some home exercises. Workout also enhances your body’s synthesis of norepinephrine, which helps your brain cope with stress and stressful situations.

You Will Rest Better

Workout is a terrific method to relax after a day at work. I mean it! You warm up, your blood flow increases, tension goes away, anxiety diminishes, you receive a burst of energy that will help you be more productive at home (even if it’s simply making supper and playing with your pet), and after all that your body relaxes and falls asleep without no effort at all. Morning training can fuel you for the whole day, while evening workout might become you go-to sleeping drug. Your body will get used to sound sleep and you will slumber considerably better as a result.

It Will Boost Your Creativity

If you’re feeling stuck with a task, an issue, or a text to write and don’t know where to start, then a short workout will most likely help you conquer the block. Think of it as a form of productive procrastination that gives a way out. Go out for a walk in the park, do some push-ups, or go for a run if you have the time. This manner you alter the atmosphere and remove your mind off the difficulty, giving it time to process the task stress-free. Your mental powers get a healthy boost for at least a few hours following the activity.

You’ll Become More Confident

Whether you’ve been hitting the gym for just a few weeks or have been running for a month, it will undoubtedly result in the increase of your self-love and confidence. When we feel fantastic about ourselves – it shows! It’s the confidence and inner brilliance that makes people gorgeous no matter what size they are. And as you start feeling healthier, more nimble, and powerful, that confidence will rise even higher! It’s a win-win no matter how you look at it. Do exercise for yourself, not someone else, and it will make you extremely happy.

You’ll Go Outside More

Exercising outside is the nicest thing in the world. If you prefer jogging out in the open not only will you get all the necessary sunlight and fresh air, but you will also discover the streets, parks, and recreation places you wouldn’t visit otherwise. Connecting with nature will greatly boost your attitude and health as well. You can also go hiking, climbing, or swimming — depending on what’s nearby. You can team up with your buddies and go on interesting excursions together. And the more you walk, run, and see new things, the more alive you feel. It’s the best form of therapy!

It Will Boost Your Brain Power

Have you ever heard about neurogenesis? It’s the creation of neurons in our brains. Previously scientists believed that once the brain was created neurogenesis ceased and as we grew older our brain functions and cognitive capacity only got poorer. It appears that’s not true! Neurogenesis does continue throughout our lives and one approach to assist your brain create neurons is to exercise! It’s especially crucial as we become older, our energy levels diminish, and minds get fuzzier. If you want to be more alert, have improved memory and cognitive functioning in general – exercise is your go-to treatment.


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