7 Short Haircuts For Older Women

It can be difficult to adjust to getting older, but one aspect of our appearance that we have complete control over is our hair. Hair is a way to define identity and open new life chapters regardless of age. There are many gorgeous options for older women if you’ve outgrown your previous look. Here are 7 of the best short haircuts for women, from bobs to bangs.


For almost any age, bobs are a go-to style, but older women find them to be particularly fashionable. Bobs provide versatility and room for fun for anyone who enjoys frequently changing the style of their hair. Layered textures, waved layers, and more can be found in bobs. Bobs look great with color and highlights in any style.


Long bobs or lobs are regarded as a cut that falls between the chin and collarbone. A lob offers versatility that only longer lengths can provide while being a little less conventional than a regular bob. Older women can rock this cut as a sophisticated short cut or can throw it into a ponytail for a laid-back, carefree appearance.

Pixie cuts

For older women who want an edge, pixie cuts are a great look. Pixie cuts can give fine or thin hair dimension and a fuller appearance while requiring relatively little maintenance. Some people might choose a pixie cut with short, cropped sides and long, choppy tips on top. Other pixie styles have hair that is longer and has side-swept bangs.


Although it might appear that bangs are more popular among younger people, they can also be a lovely hairstyle for older women. When worn with a gray or silver color, bangs can give an older woman a youthful and energizing glow. Older women have a wide range of styles to choose from, including blunt bangs, side-swept bangs, bobs with bangs, and many more.


Shags are a go-to style to keep in mind if you really don’t like hairstyles that require constant maintenance. Shags are untidy, entertaining, and have a chic appearance that appears effortless. This look looks great with babylights to brighten graying hair and is perfect for someone with thinner hair.

brief crops

For older women, super short, cropped hair is the ultimate low-maintenance look that exudes grace and style. To get this look, all you need to do is quickly comb through your hair after rubbing styling lotion through it in the opposite direction. Allowing to air dry or using a blow dryer to finish. For older women with thick, straight hair, this is a great look.

Unbalanced flair

For the older woman who wants her hair to make a playful, fashionable statement, any cut that is asymmetrical on one side is appropriate. An asymmetrical cut necessitates frequent maintenance, so this style is not suitable for those who are low maintenance. To keep this cut looking as fierce as the first chop, regular trimming is essential. The confidence and style that asymmetrical cuts exude make this look truly timeless.


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