7 Signs He’s Exactly What You’ve Been Looking For

It’s challenging to find the right guy. There are just too many weirdos out there, and while going on a few dates with them could be amusing and interesting, it gets old fairly quickly, and you definitely don’t want to end up in a relationship with the wrong guy. But how can you tell which man is best for you? There are a few things, though, that you might want to bear in mind.

1. He Is Not A Child

You shouldn’t date a man-child or be in a relationship with one. You fully comprehend what I mean. That person who still resides with his parents and expects his mother to take care of all of his needs, including cooking and laundry. If you notice that, turn around and go the other way. You want a man who is prepared to behave like a man.

2. He Is Nice

And I’m not referring to the so-called “good guys,” who only act nice at first to pique your attention or get you to go out with them before revealing their actual, self-centered nature. You want someone who has principles and values, who is genuinely compassionate, and who has a good heart. A decent person, you know.

3. He Is Dedicated

You need to locate someone with ambitions. Like actual life objectives, such as a career they’d like to pursue or a strategy for how to purchase their first home or anything like. However, be wary because many guys simply like making statements such, “I’d like to start my own business,” or “I want to own a house some day,” with no real intention of following through on them. You want a person who sets objectives and then makes an effort to achieve them.

4. He’s A Joker

A good sense of humor is a must-have quality. someone with whom you share similar values. There is nothing better than dating someone who can make you laugh till you are crying and having trouble breathing. You want a person who can laugh at himself and anything life throws at him, who doesn’t take himself too seriously. There is no point in taking life too seriously because it is so brief.

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5. He Values Family

No, that’s simply scary. Not like a momma’s boy. You want someone who gets along with his family, visits them around the holidays, and participates in family gatherings and festivities. It’s critical that he respects and loves his family because if he does, he’ll likely want to start a family of his own in the future. The way a man treats his family is always a good indicator of the kind of father he will be.

6. He doesn’t fear commitment.

Nothing is worse than dating a commitment phobic person. It’s not like we’re discussing getting married. However, some guys keep you at a distance because they are so afraid to commit to a relationship. It’s not what you want. You want someone who is interested in dating. An individual that enjoys sharing their lives with you and is delighted to introduce you to their friends and mix friend groupings You can tell they’re glad to be with you and are committed to the relationship by their behavior.

7. He Has A Hobbies

Having a hobby that you are genuinely interested in and passionate about is vital. You don’t want someone who spends their entire day playing video games and watching movies at home. That is simply something individuals do out of boredom and is not a passion. You want your man to have a strong passion. It doesn’t matter if he practices with his band every week and spends his free time studying new songs to play the guitar, runs every morning because he loves sports, or learns new recipes because he likes to cook. In this way, you may be sure he’s active and won’t spend all day relaxing in the house.