7 Tips To Rejuvenate Winter Skin

A couple of the best things about wintertime include cuddling up by the fire, drinking hot tea, and staying indoors out of the cold to binge-watch your favorite shows. What isn’t so enjoyable is the dry, fragile skin that results from the extreme cold of winter. Most people get skin problems after a full winter season, including cracked, chafed skin and dry, chapped lips. The positive thing is that you can use some excellent skincare routines to assist your skin fight off the cold fronts. These simple self-care rituals will help your skin recover its natural radiance after the winter and may even assist to lessen dry skin over the period. Check out these 7 tips to rejuvenate winter skin for the greatest guidance on how to maintain healthy, happy skin.

Drink Lots Of Fluids And Water

Increasing your body’s overall hydration is the simplest technique to enhance the moisture in your skin. It is advised to drink 8 to 10 glasses of fluid per day. You can do this with only water or with tea and sparkling water added.

Multiple Times a Day, Moisturize

The practice of daily moisturizing is fairly common. But applying moisturizer twice, if not three times per day, is a crucial step in treating dry skin.

Exercise consistently

In our pores and on the surface of our skin, toxins and debris are continually accumulating. Sweating and exercising will enable the body to naturally cleanse itself and remove toxins from both the top layer of skin and beneath.

Utilize a humidifier inside the home.

Your home will normally be filled with trapped hot air throughout the winter since you need warm air to heat it and your windows are likely shut to keep out the cold air. As a result, your home may get quite dry inside. Use a humidifier frequently to restore moisture to your surroundings; your skin will notice the difference.

Maintain Lip Hydration

Have you ever wondered why your lips develop chapped skin more quickly than the rest of your body? This actually occurs because the skin of your lips is much thinner than the rest of your body’s skin, making it much more susceptible to dehydration. So remember to apply lip balm whenever you prepare to hydrate yourself!

Sparingly exfoliate in the winter

Although exfoliating is excellent for skin health, it might actually work against you in the winter. During the winter, the abrasive irritants of exfoliating scrubs can aggravate already sensitive, worn skin and exacerbate dehydration. A decent rule of thumb is to exfoliate using a softer, less acidic exfoliator around once a week during the winter.

Don’t Wash Your Face Too Much

Stick to only washing your face once a day, ideally at night, to prevent drying it out much more than it already will throughout the winter. Making the switch to a milder oil- or water-based cleanser can also aid in maintaining the skin’s radiance and hydration.


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