7 Types Of Ayurvedic Massage You Need To Try ASAP

Ayurveda is all about achieving mental, physical, and spiritual harmony. It employs a range of techniques to do this, including Ayurvedic massage, special diets, cleansing processes, and herbal medicine therapies. Ayurvedic massage is unique from all others since it uses specifically blended essential oils to calm, rejuvenate, and relax the body as well as cleanse it on numerous levels. Here are 7 Ayurvedic massage styles you should try right away.


Shirodhara is an unique kind of gentle massage in which a stream of “dhara” (medical oil) is applied to your forehead for a predetermined amount of time. After that comes a brief head massage. Shirodhara calms the mind, enhances concentration, revitalizes the body, and reduces stress. It is a widely used remedy for anxiety, sadness, and insomnia.


Abhyanga is a full-body massage provided concurrently by two therapists. It covers 107 marmas (vital places) in your body over the course of 45 minutes and enhances metabolism, blood circulation, and detoxification. You’ll then enjoy a tranquil 15-minute steam bath. Improved sleep, reduced worry, better skin, and overall physical wellness are all benefits of this kind of massage.


Garshana performs the process without the use of any oils or proprietary herbal blends. The blood circulation in your body is improved by this type of massage, which is performed with raw silk gloves. The therapist’s gentle movements stimulate the lymphatic system and encourage toxin release.


Deeply purifying massage known as udvartana uses just dry herbal powder. It not only makes your skin seem better, but it also increases the breakdown of fat by gently stimulating fat tissues. Additionally strengthening muscles and promoting weight loss, this kind of massage. Perfect if you’re attempting to lose some excess weight!


A piece of cloth is used to squeeze 5 liters of medicinal oil over your entire body as part of the full-body therapy known as pizhichil. Although it may not sound particularly thrilling, this Ayurvedic practice is one of the most calming and revitalizing. It slows down aging, shields your entire body from many diseases, and gives you all-over energy. A brief massage is given before and after the treatment.

Indra Tharpanam

Thanks to this great process, your eyes will feel less stressed and irritated. Two gram paste reservoirs called Nethra Tharpanam are used to hold therapeutic ghee butter. You won’t felt anything like the cooling impact before! Additionally, it is recognized that consistent use can enhance eyesight.

Nojara Kizhi

A unique form of massage known as Njavara Kizhi uses unique boluses that are packed with Njavara rice. Your entire body is first covered in scented medicinal oils before beginning to receive a massage using cotton boluses. Periodically, they are dipped in cow’s milk and herbs, which raises your body’s temperature and improves your health. The neurological system is believed to benefit most from this kind of massage.


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