7 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Will Boost Your Health And Beauty

ACV, or apple cider vinegar, has recently been popular among Instagram influencers and beauty bloggers. Though it may have lessened little over the past few months, the excitement is still present. You may be wondering why. As it turns out, apple cider vinegar is a wonderful therapy that can treat acne, enhance digestion, and make hair appear healthy and gorgeous. appears to be too good to be true? The following list of 7 ways apple cider vinegar will improve your health and appearance.

Cleanse Your Hair

The natural sheen of your hair can be restored by using apple cider vinegar as a hair rinse. Hair products have a tendency to accumulate on your strands and scalp, leaving a heaviness and greasiness that may endure long after shampooing. ACV cleans natural oils, gets rid of product buildup, and softens and silkens hair. Before shampooing your hair, do a straightforward rinse with a couple tablespoons of ACV and some water. After applying it to your scalp and waiting 5 to 10 minutes, wash your hair as usual. Additionally, a specific scrub can be made with ACV, honey, Himalayan salt, and a tiny bit of coconut oil.

Enjoy A Refreshing Bath

It appears that apple cider vinegar can improve the appearance of your skin. ACV restores and calms your skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory characteristics, making it appear and feel much better. It corrects your skin’s pH balance and can even be used to treat sunburns. Fill your bathtub with 8 to 10 ounces of ACV, then soak for around 15 minutes. Your skin will get incredibly silky and smooth! ACV also functions naturally as an exfoliant.

Handle dandruff

ACV is a powerful cure for treating dandruff because of its well-known anti-fungal and germ-killing abilities. You will need a very saturated mixture for a specific dandruff rinse; the proportions of water and ACV should be the same. It is advisable to apply this rinse just before shampooing your hair. Use your regular shampoo and conditioner after giving your scalp a light massage. Your skin will be shielded from future fungal growth as a result of the pH balance that ACV helps to restore.

Use it as a toner for your face.

Fungi, viruses, and several types of germs that may have settled on your face are all destroyed by apple cider vinegar. It’s an excellent acne treatment that will help calm your skin, lessen inflammation, and diminish redness. Apply a cotton pad with a mixture of water and ACV that has been diluted in equal parts. Even though you might not see any results right away, daily application will restore the health of your skin. Additionally beneficial is nighttime use of this toner.

Removing the odor

An ACV foot bath will help you eliminate the odor it causes as well as the germs and fungi that create it if you frequently have stinky feet. Four cups of water, one cup of apple cider vinegar, and 15-20 minutes of foot soaking time. ACV’s antibacterial and antifungal qualities will eliminate unpleasant odors and enhance the condition of your feet. By soaking paper towels in apple cider vinegar overnight or by simply mixing half a cup of ACV into a tiny pack of travel-sized baby wipes, you can easily create deodorizing wipes for your feet. Use the same deodorizing wipes in place of your regular deodorant if you’re sick of using chemical deodorants and want to give your armpits a break.

Invent a homemade nail polish remover

Although this mixture might appear a little sketchy, many claim it works like magic and removes nail paint just as well as traditional acetone nail polish remover. Regardless of whether this is the case, it’s still a good idea to have a DIY nail polish remover solution on hand. You’ll need four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and one freshly squeezed lemon’s juice to make the ACV nail polish remover. Put your fingers in a small bowl of warm water to loosen the old nail polish, then soak them for about 10 seconds in a tub of your homemade nail polish remover. After removing the nail paint with cotton pads, be sure to moisturize your hands. I’m done now!

Bleach Your Teeth

If you regularly consume coffee, you are aware that discolored teeth are a harsh fact of daily life rather than just a myth. Your teeth might become stained by smoking, soy sauce, or even tea, which will make your smile appear duller. Take one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and combine it with three teaspoons of water, then thoroughly rinse your mouth to solve the issue. The antibacterial qualities of ACV help this rinse battle off foul breath and a variety of dental ailments. The same 1:3 ratio can be used to make the ideal treatment for a sore throat.


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