7 Weirdest Ways People Are Trying To Lose Weight

Everyone wants to get fit and skinny quickly, ideally with little to no work. That’s why people keep inventing new ways to lose weight, even if it requires them to follow a baby food diet or wrap their bodies in plastic. Here are the seven most bizarre methods of weight loss.

Breath-control diet

Japanese entrepreneur Ryosuke Miki created a diet that emphasizes breathing a lot. After performing a series of breathing exercises for his back issues, he significantly lost weight; as a result, he made the decision to develop a genuine “diet” for other people. It might be the simplest method you’ve ever used to lose weight!

eating blocks of soap

Some individuals truly think that the mild Aoqili soap with seaweed might be an effective diet aid in addition to making your skin beautiful and smooth. That is correct! They assert that consuming this soap would aid in the fight against body fat. Sounds absurd, huh?

infant-food diet

Baby food is a familiar concept to all parents, and you may have even intentionally or unintentionally tasted it. Not the world’s tastiest food, would you say? However, baby food is loaded with vitamins and other elements, making it appear like the perfect addition to a diet. However, experts caution that this kind of meal lacks some of the nutrients an adult needs.

More sleep

It’s no secret that a human body needs sleep to function properly. Lack of sleep has a terrible impact on a person’s body; as a result, you may gain weight and feel and look unappealing. This implies that having enough sleep is crucial for the wellbeing of both your body and mind!

Polythene wrap

Although it may not be the nicest thing in the world, many people assert that wrapping themselves in cling film might actually aid in weight loss. You perspire a lot, which lowers the quantity of water in your body and should hasten weight reduction.

Dietary twinkies

One Twinkie has only 150 calories, which makes them somewhat ideal for a diet even though it’s hard to consider them to be particularly healthy food. You can get 1500 calories a day by eating 10 Twinkies. Since your body won’t receive any necessary nutrients while doing that, you will undoubtedly lose some weight. What about your health, though?


Hypnosis is an odd discipline that may drastically change someone’s behavior in a matter of seconds with almost little effort at all. Your adoption of a better lifestyle will be ensured as a result without your knowledge. Given that hypnosis is also used to treat drinking and smoking issues, it might actually be effective.


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