8 Beauty Secrets Of Monica Bellucci Who Looks Great At 56

The enduring beauty of Italian actress Monica Bellucci is one of the great mysteries of the entertainment business. Monica Belluci still appears to be no more than 35 years old at the age of 56. She has aged so elegantly while juggling her life, her work, and raising two kids. Monica didn’t become a mother until she was about 40 years old, which is late in the game. Around and after the age of 30, she also started to reach the pinnacle of her fame. Even Monica Bellucci has some cunning plans up her sleeve, despite the appearance that she has discovered the elusive fountain of youth that we are all searching for. Check out these 8 beauty tips from 56-year-old Monica Bellucci to see how she maintains her youthful appearance and looks 20 years younger.

She doesn’t wear makeup to bed.

Monica has a very crucial daily habit of never sleeping in the makeup she wore the previous day, regardless of how much she wears during the day. She always cleans her face well and takes off her makeup before going to bed. As a result, her skin can properly breathe and rejuvenate as she sleeps.

She continues to drink.

Although it may seem obvious, a surprising number of us are primarily dehydrated without even being aware of it. Drinking lots of water is one rule the Italian actress lives by, which undoubtedly helps explain her youthful, vivacious skin.

She doesn’t mind if her weight changes.

Monica Bellucci does not appear to be excessively concerned about putting on a few extra pounds, unlike some people who may obsess and worry about their weight changes. Even sources claim she does not track her caloric consumption. She usually opts for more attractive black outfits if she does put on some extra weight.

No matter how short the workout, she consistently stays active.

Occasionally, according to sources, Monica Bellucci does sports, but she always makes sure to be active and move her body. She suggests exercises that are beneficial for the mind and body but don’t put too much strain on the body, like yoga and swimming.

She doesn’t make fun of her eating habits.

One would assume that Monica Bellucci follows an extremely strict diet in order to maintain such a fantastic physique. However, she truly has a very permissive attitude toward what she eats. Italian cuisine is one of her favorite cuisines. She does not restrict herself to a certain diet or set of foods. She just adjusts her portion sizes at mealtime if she needs to reduce her intake or lose a few pounds.

She takes a chilly shower to start her day.

According to rumors, Monica disbelieves in the use of plastic surgery, hence her youthful appearance is entirely natural. She takes cold showers, which is one of her natural beauty secrets. Her skin is kept tight and encouraged to be elastic by the cold water. Another factor that might be boosting Monica Bellucci’s seeming limitless vitality is the claim that taking cold showers can help improve the immune system.

She takes great care in how she takes care of her hair.

Because Monica never uses heat on her lovely mane, her hair has managed to maintain its youthful vitality and gloss. She doesn’t use hairdryers, flat irons, or even a blow dryer to dry her hair; instead, she lets it air dry. Additionally, she only washes her hair twice a week, saving some of the natural oils from her scalp. She moisturizes her hair with olive oil as well.

She gives her lips a lot of attention.

Her big, sensuous lips have made Monica Bellucci famous. She believes that having healthy lips is crucial since “you speak, eat, and kiss with their help.” She keeps her lips moisturized all the time to prevent drying.


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