8 Biggest Beauty Trends Of 2020

The skincare industry has had a great year. Instead than attempting to hide our skin under heavy applications of foundation and powder, we all learnt to concentrate on making it the finest it has ever been. We invested in a ton of Korean face masks and 12-step programs to help us glow from the inside out, learned about the wonders of retinol, and learned that CBD oil can actually be put to everything. We discovered the value of oil for our skin as well as how to use jade facial rollers to massage away puffiness and smooth out wrinkles. However, as one year finishes and another one begins, we are confident that there is still plenty for us to learn about skincare and beauty. Here are the beauty trends that we think will be very popular in 2020.

1. Euphoria Cosmetics

By this point, most people have undoubtedly watched Euphoria and been influenced by the cosmetic options. Although people are already experimenting with cosmetics more than ever, this performance undoubtedly encouraged a large number of people to attempt something novel and interesting, and we anticipate that this trend will continue throughout 2020.

2. Original Lashes

We’re going to notice more dramatic and inventive lashes everywhere if runways are any indication. So stock up for gatherings where fancy dress is required. This year, wearing lashes will be the way to stand out.

3. Power Jaw

Everyone likes a sharp jawline, and there is a specific substance available for that purpose. You can just acquire a certain type of filler right now that will make your jaw strong and model-like without the necessity for cosmetic surgery.

4. Decorative Fragrance

We frequently forget that odors may genuinely affect us on an innate level since we live in a very visual environment. 2020 appears to be the year that scents get all scientific and we learn which odors can affect our health or improve our focus. We’re used to perfume that makes us feel powerful and we’ve heard of perfume containing pheromones.

5. Microbiome

We are gradually realizing and understanding that not all bacteria and microbes are harmful and that we don’t necessarily need to constantly scrub and sanitize our skin. Instead, it’s likely that 2020 will be the year we figure out how to balance our skin’s PH level and feed the good bacteria so that we may achieve makeup-free skin. The main contributor to it is probably going to be skincare with a microbiome focus.

6. Inconsistent eye makeup

We’ve all experimented with wearing different colored Converse sneakers and changing the laces of our shoes. Most of us have had dramatically dissimilar manicures on each of our hands, and we adore mismatched earrings. We adore the contrast and the fact that we can have both without having to make a decision. I have a good feeling that we’ll start applying eye makeup on a large basis in 2020.

7. Home Acupressure

In 2020, the neck/back massager will be replaced by an acupressure pad. It offers all the advantages of acupuncture without requiring you to leave your home or allow a stranger to prick you with small needles. Acupressure mats have gained popularity as an at-home remedy for the neck and back ache that we all experience from spending too much time staring at our phones and computers.

8. Health Has Gone Digital

In certain nations, the expense of healthcare is out of control, and as a culture, we are much more inclined to just download an app to solve our problems than to visit a hospital. Is that decent? We are unsure. However, there are now applications that may assist you with yoga, meditation, fitness, and even connecting with therapists. And we only see a growth in this trend in 2020.


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