8 Breakfast Ideas From India You’ll Fall In Love With

Indian food is diverse and varies widely from one state to the next. This means that if you’re seeking for fresh breakfast inspiration, this is the place to start! Idli, poha, uttapam, and many varieties of dosas are available to get your morning started. Please trust us when we say that each and every one of these breakfast options is incredibly excellent! Here are 8 breakfast recipes from India that you’ll adore.


In India, whether in the North or the South, this may be one of the most traditional breakfast dishes. Fermented rice and urad dal are used in the preparation of these appetizing-looking dumplings. They are always served with sambhar sauce and either a fiery tomato chutney or a sweet coconut chutney.

Paratha Gobi

Because parathas are so popular in North India, there are many different variations of these packed pancakes. They can be served with paneer (cheese), gobi (cabbage), or a combination of all three. The paratha is unquestionably the ideal breakfast, especially when it’s accompanied with a dish of curd and some hot pickles.

Avena Idlis

Idlis are indeed wonderful, but there is a simpler kind that needs less preparation. Oats, rava, and a variety of spices are all that are required to provide that distinctive Indian flavor. Additionally, the fact that oats are really healthful and beneficial doesn’t hurt.


To start your day with a light meal, prepare the delectable uttapam with some rice, urad daal, and flavorful spices. This delicious meal that resembles pancakes is a great snack for both mornings and evenings. Serve it with chutney sauce and garnish with tomatoes and different greens.


This popular deep-fried Indian treat is made with maida (refined flour) and yogurt and is enjoyed all over the nation. It can be had as dessert after any meal or with breakfast. It resembles pretzels and tastes best when accompanied by curd.

Curry Dosa

The same butter we use for idlis is used to make masala dosa, however it is a little bit thinner. It is crunchy and pairs well with aloo masala, a spiced potato mixture. Dosa comes in a wide range of forms and varieties and can be made with paneer, spinach, mushrooms, and even chilli. It is typically served with two delicious sauces, coconut chutney and sambar.

Tomato omelet without eggs

Although it may not be the most popular breakfast option, this is unquestionably one of the healthiest. This delicate vegetable omelette is wholesome and easy to make because it is made with gram flour and a ton of spices. With tomato sauce or mint chutney, it pairs amazingly nicely.

Aloo Poori

Aloo Poori is a Punjabi delicacy that combines a fiery potato stew with warm, fluffy pooris. Although it is a tad hefty in comparison to all the other light southern-style Indian breakfast alternatives, nothing really beats this one. If you want to duplicate the dish, keep in mind that a pressure cooker will cook it quickly.


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