8 Gift Ideas For Your Fashionista Girlfriend Bestie

It’s not always the case that one gift fits all occasions. Particularly for the stylish, who might not be too pleased with that onesie from Walmart. Here are some tried-and-true suggestions that will make any fashionista happy.

Grace: A Memoir, first

The well-known dragon behind Vogue is Anna Wintour, but the fiery Grace Coddington was just as important, if not more so, as the magazine’s creative gift. She just took it all a little bit more chill.

2. An antique bag

Going designer ups the ante somewhat, but if you can’t afford name-brand, check out your neighbourhood antique store and go for a leather backpack or classic purse. Online choices are also available on websites like

3. Courses in Personal Styling

Your fashionista can learn how to integrate her love of fashion into the real world and easily design her clothes with the help of resources like the Style Coaching Institute or a plethora of other institutions.

4. The Man Repeller: Looking for Love Final Overall

This now-famous blogger and coveted figure in the fashion world authored a book on how her sense of style contributed to the end of her love life. She uses a healthy amount of sass to walk us through the memories that influenced her sartorial choices.

5. Cashmere Gloves That Are Tech-Friendly

Cashmere gloves never go out of style, especially in black or camel. Tech-friendly is an essential because, of course, she needs to Instagram her adorable accessories while she is wearing them.

6. Brief Pyjamas

Although classic pyjamas may resemble something from your grandfather’s closet, short and seductive pyjama sets are currently in style, and even we want a pair! Try a look like this one, which features asymmetrical tops and contrast piping.

7. Kodak Photo Instant Printer

If there is no method to capture your flawless sense of style, what good is it? Ensure that your friend’s sense of style endures forever while still meeting the demands of our society for immediate fulfillment.

8. Special Edition Chanel No. 5

a traditional fragrance, such as the Limited-Edition Chanel N°5 Fragrance. A woman needs a smell, and this one exudes sophistication. She can then display the empty bottle on her vanity thereafter.

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