8 Hacks For Saving Your Skin In The Winter

Is it just me, or does everybody eagerly anticipate winter as soon as Halloween is over? You might be daydreaming about snow, mittens, adorable cozy hats and scarves, fairy lights, and holiday décor if you’re anything like me. While all of those things are wonderful and the reason we love winter, the chilly air and piercing winds can be bad for our skin since they can cause it to become dry, flaky, and irritated. Thankfully, there are a few tips you can employ to take advantage of this season while also protecting your skin.

1. Scrub everything

The secret to soft skin is exfoliation. At least once a week, exfoliate your body, paying specific attention to the dry, flaky skin around your elbows and knees. Look for a natural scrub that includes sugar, salt, and a few hydrating oils like shea or coconut. By doing this, you can guarantee that your skin will be hydrated and exfoliated simultaneously. No one wants to see chapped lips, and the same is true for your lips.

2. Hydrate your entire body

We all understand the importance of moisturizing, yet few of us do it correctly. You should apply body lotion all over your body in addition to using moisturizer on your face and neck. Do you realize that there is a proper time to moisturize, though? It doesn’t only happen when your hands feel dry. In fact, the optimal time to moisturize is immediately after taking a shower or washing your hands while your skin is still damp. Simply pat yourself dry with a towel before applying the moisturizer.

3. Buy A Humidifier

Although you might believe that humidifiers are only for plants, this is untrue. Our skin can easily get dry in the winter since there is little moisture in the air. So purchase a humidifier and use it to maintain soft, hydrated skin when you’re at home.

4. Purchase a water-based facial cream

You might believe that a thicker, oilier moisturizer is necessary during the colder months to better protect you from the elements. However, despite maintaining the impression of smooth skin, face creams with oil don’t actually moisturize your skin that effectively. They’re wonderful for hiding flaws, but if you want to hydrate and moisturize your skin from the inside out, you need to use a water-based face cream.

5. Decrease Water Temperature

Don’t make the water in your shower overly hot, even though it feels wonderful this time of year. Why? Because too hot water can actually strip your skin of its natural oils and cause it to become dry, which is something we’re kind of trying to avoid, remember? Choose warm or lukewarm instead. Additionally, your skin will appreciate you for adding some oats to your bath if you wish to soak in warm water while hydrating it. Additionally, don’t linger in the tub for more than 20 minutes.

6. Add Layers

Even if it’s a nice idea, we’re not just talking about clothes here. Consider layering your products if you experience dry skin in the winter. Use a hydrating serum first, followed by a face cream, as opposed to only using a moisturizing face cream. Each little bit counts.

7. Purchase numerous tubes of hand cream

Winter is the worst for hands. We frequently forget our gloves, have to take them off to access our bag, etc. They quickly become dry when they aren’t protected. So it’s a good idea to carry hand cream with you at all times. Get a few tubes and place them throughout your residence, including in the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom. By doing this, you’ll always remember to moisturize your hands after washing them, after doing the dishes, or right before bed. Adding a small tube of hand cream to each of your handbags can ensure that you always have some on hand.

8. Use luminescent foundation.

During the winter, our skin may appear a little lifeless and lack its usual healthy radiance. So it’s not a good idea to apply matte makeup and further dry it out. Choose a radiant finish to restore your skin’s natural radiance.


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