8 Hacks For Stopping Maskne

As COVID-19 nears its one year anniversary, wearing a mask has become a daily reality for many of us. We totally appreciate all the precautions being taken in public settings, but our skin has taken a beating throughout this time. Remember the days when we could stand shoulder to shoulder in a mob of barefaced people without any consequences? Well, we’re all confronting a new age, and with that, we need to add new measures to our skincare program.

What is masking?

Maskne is facial acne produced by the friction pressure, and rubbing of your mask. Even those blessed with good skin are getting maskne flare-ups, and for people already suffering from oily skin, acne, or cysts, it’s a disaster. However, as this can be an essential part of our future for a while, it’s crucial to get to know the different hacks and strategies that can help you preserve perfect skin through humid summers and dry, hard winters.

1. All masks are NOT created equal!

The material of your mask is highly significant, even though the blue surgical masks are the most commonly available. Disposable choices are mainly made to fit a man’s face, and apart from being uncomfortable, they’re not created from breathable materials. Cotton is a nice alternative that generates less irritation, but silk or satin textures will be the least friction-causing. In terms of fit, consider a mask that fits snugly around the borders of your face. This will decrease movement and consequently that frustrating rubbing.

Also, make sure your mask has a broad bill so that it’s not forced up against your mouth and chin. This lack of direct contact will do wonders for your face and help it breathe.

2. Wash up and forgo makeup

Cleaning your face is the most critical face of avoiding maskne. If you repeatedly putting your mask on dirty skin, it will just spread more bacteria. Additionally, eliminating cosmetics will help keep pores unclogged and happy. Makeup creates enough aggravation as is, and with half of our faces veiled, why are we continuing tormenting ourselves?

3. Nutritious skincare

When choosing your SPF product, always find a formula that is non-comedogenic. Cleansers should be lightweight but hydrating, and a moisturizer should be lightweight and loaded with antioxidants. The chemical hyaluronic acid is a saviour when it comes to light-as-air hydration. As many matte items as you can find that aren’t drying, really.

4. Clean your mask

Just like washing your face is vital for having clear skin, washing your mask employs the same principle. Disposable masks can’t be washed and aren’t great for the environment, so acquire a couple breathable masks that you can rotate. Wearing unclean masks means clogged pores and greasy skin. Hand wash your masks in warm water and detergent if feasible – look at the washing directions for your specific mask.

5. Stock on-the-go solutions

These resurfacing acne wipes can be used before and after putting on your mask and produce a serious glow. They contain natural exfoliants such as Lactic, Salicylic, and Glycolic Acid which keep your pores fresh and clear. They clean off microorganisms while relaxing skin with Chamomile and Aloe Vera.

6. Maintain oral hygiene

Our moms always told us to brush our teeth, and they were right. You might not notice a direct correlation between tooth health and good skin, but the mouth is full with germs and bacteria, so when you trap all that air inside your face mask, every exhale is trapping that bad stuff within your skin. Brush your teeth and floss twice day — use mouthwash if possible.

7. Spritz your mask with toner

This might sound contentious, but hear us out: spritzing toner on your mask can help remove extra sweat, makeup, oil and dirt with its astringent characteristics. Sure, this could function better when directly applied to the skin, but the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory power of many toners can help build another protective layer. if you’re seeking to get more durability out of your mask and don’t want to constantly be doing your skin routine all day long, this is a good tip

8. Understand if you have masking or anything else

Cystic acne is an unpleasant reality for many, but it’s distinct from make. If you typically battle with very irritated skin or cystic acne, we suggest not simply following our tips but talking to a specialist, since OTC drugs might make these issues even worse. This skin doctor may prescribe you anti-inflammatory cortisone or retinoids.


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