8 Hottest Lipstick Colors For 2019

As we usher in 2019, great lip colors are a necessity. Lips are nourished all day long by moisture-rich lipsticks, which also help them stay on longer. To give your lips the necessary healthy glow and fullness effect, use long-lasting lipsticks that are rich in color.


You may wear this striking matte red lipstick colour all year long and yet be safe by doing so. Contrary to what many people think, red isn’t only great in the winter (particularly for the festive season with Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties). It may surprise you to learn that it is as seductive in the spring, summer, and fall. Red lip paint looks fantastic on the lips and feels like a nice balm.


Dark, deep purple with a touch of pink is a fantastic pick that goes well with bright apparel colors. It is a stunning shade that draws attention to your eyes and pairs incredibly well with berry-colored shadow. Brown eyed people go nicely with it as well.


It is as seductive as it sounds. The color has a stunning matte finish for your lips and is long-lasting. Wearing the dark stained hue alone will be enough to balance out the rest of your makeup if you keep it basic.


The color mocha chocolate looks fantastic with a wide range of hues, including greens, oranges, and browns. With its sweetness through the cocoa hue, it may even urge you to eat it. It is a color that melts on your lips.


Although a nude hue may not seem like it has much of an impact, it actually has quite a bit. This color can rescue your life on a day when you don’t feel like a 10. It applies smoothly, has a tinge of color, and still gives your lips vitality while also preventing dryness from making your lips feel chapped.


With this particular shade, you can prosper. There are various ways to wear it. Ladies, it really is a hue with so many uses! You can experiment with the “not quite orange and not quite pink” tint to give your lips a little additional oomph.


Pink looks best with yellows and whites as well as a combination of black and white. It is perfect for the spring and summer. The color pink comes in different tones, including hot pink, mild pink, and icy pink.


When you have the “end of summer blues,” orange is excellent. Applying orange lipstick will instantly make you feel better. The wonderful thing about orange is that it complements the majority of complexion tones.


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