8 Ice Cream Hacks You Should Try This Summer

Here are eight ice cream hacks you need to try this summer.

1. Prevent freezer burn by adding parchment paper

Don’t you simply detest it when your vanilla ice cream develops a gross covering of ice crystals on top of it? Do not worry; there is a quick fix for freezer burn. Simply leave the frozen dessert sitting on the counter for a few minutes. I’m done now. The hack is that. Unless you want to stop the ice from forming in the first place, in which case you need to cover the interior of the ice cream container with a sheet of parchment paper. There won’t be any more frozen crystals since the paper prevents the moisture from evaporating.

2. Use melted ice cream as custard

The melted vanilla ice cream can be used as crème anglaise, or custard sauce, if you are the type of person who would rather throw away a melted ice cream than eat it or use it in place of creamer in your coffee. If this describes you, there is something seriously wrong with you. Simply take a spoon and smear it over a hot pudding. That is truly finger-licking good.

3. Olive oil and salt

Yes, that is accurate. You will enjoy what we’re going to sell you: eating your ice cream with salt and olive oil! Grab a generous serving of vanilla ice cream, top it with a few drops of olive oil, then sprinkle some salt on top. Your life will be changed by this dietary hack! While olive oil, well, I don’t know what it does, but it’s something amazing, salt brings out the sweetness.

4. Creamy ice cream

Nobody enjoys having to wait for the frozen, solid ice cream to thaw out. That amounts to a waste of valuable time that could have been spent enjoying your favorite summer dessert. Simply put the ice cream inside a plastic bag, preferably one with a zip-lock closure, and squeeze out as much air as you can with this lifehack. This is a double whammy because the bagged ice cream also shields it from freezer burn.

5. Clean your Nutella jars with ice cream

Although this method also works with peanut jars, we cannot support such a terrible flavor selection. It turns out that ice cream is sufficiently sticky to attract all the chocolate goodness that a spoon couldn’t scrape out. All we need now is a lifesaver to remove the ice cream residue that you couldn’t even scrape out.

6. Do not scoop hard ice cream

When you pulled ice cream out of the freezer, did you ever find it to be so solid that you couldn’t even dunk a spoon into it? It should have been chopped with a knife, of course!

Ice cream that is air-fried

Have you ever heard of fried ice cream? So get ready to discard all that oil because if you have an air fryer at home, you can produce a tasty but unhealthy ice cream snack. You’ll need a rock-hard ball of ice cream coated with crushed cookies or whatever else you have lying around, then dipped in the batter, for your scheme to succeed. Repeat the dipping process after putting that thing in the freezer for an hour. After many hours in the freezer, place the batter-dipped ice cream balls in the air fryer for no longer than 4 minutes. Voila! You now possess a crunchy snack with a mouthwatering ice cream filling.

8. Frozen yogurt popsicle hack

When it comes to ice cream eating equipment, cones and ordinary sticks are so 2016. To be honest, ice cream is as well. This is why you should stock your refrigerator with frozen yogurt, the newest tasty snack. Place the cup in the freezer for an hour with a spoon inside. Boom! Your summer heat deterrent is there.

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