8 Key Trends That Will Change Your Beauty Game In 2019

Everyone seems to be delving deeply into their skincare regimens in 2019 and paying close attention to the functions and effects of cosmetics. Let’s look at 8 major trends that will alter the way you approach beauty in 2019.

1. Face Masks

Face masks, let’s face it, are here to stay. They really gained traction last year, and they’re sticking around for 2019 and only getting more exciting. Whatever type of mask you prefer—homemade, clay, cream, peel-off, or the traditional sheet mask—you’ll find it on the market. Now that they have interesting designs and glitter on them, ampule masks are becoming more and more popular.

2. Simple Skin Care

The era of labor-intensive, 15-step Korean-inspired beauty regimens is almost over. We all tried it, and while it worked and was enjoyable for a while, it is now going stale. Are so many items actually required to use? Is there a discernible difference? The year of straightforward skincare is 2019. Face wash, toner, and moisturizer are all you need. added sunscreen, and perhaps a serum every now and then. You really only require that. superior quality to quantity.

3. Components

Every year, we learn more about ingredients and how they affect us, but 2019 will be the year we pay close attention. People will choose their beauty products depending on the ingredients that work for them, whether they are buying a moisturizer with vitamin C or a serum packed with rosehip oil.

4. Exfoliation with liquid

Say goodbye to harsh face scrubs and microbead-infused exfoliating shower gels. Both the environment and your skin are negatively impacted by them. We’re all going to switch to liquid exfoliation, which softly dissolves and removes dead skin cells using natural acids. No more rough rubbing and scrubbing; only mild exfoliation is allowed from now on.

5. Devices for Beauty

You can’t deny the power of beauty gadgets, but it’s impossible to know if we’re getting lazier or if they actually work better than just our hands. Now that face massagers and other power equipment are available, you can utilize them in your beauty routine in addition to the facial cleansing brushes that have become commonplace in many people’s homes.

6. Non-invasive Procedures

Botox, liposuction, cosmetic procedures, lip fillers, and other seemingly intrusive procedures were all quite popular during that time. Thankfully, 2019 will be the year of non-invasive, non-frightening treatments. The beauty business appears to be moving in the direction of maximal outcomes with little discomfort. The popularity of coolsculpting and cryotherapy is at an all-time high, and it appears that IV infusions are also gaining ground.

7. Time-tested Techniques

While we don’t want to diminish the remarkable new innovations, it also appears like time-tested beauty methods are making a comeback, and that is fantastic. Who says you can’t wash your face with a trendy new beauty tool, then tap into old knowledge by relaxing with a jade roller to give your face a thorough massage? Jade rollers and Gua sha products are available in beauty shops for a reason—they are effective.

8. Miniatures

Since there are so many options available nowadays, it might be challenging to stick with one product for an extended period of time. To find the ideal product, we want to try everything. Moreover, beauty businesses have noticed this trend and are responding to it. Miniature versions of products are highly sought after in 2019 since no one wants to buy the big size before trying it out. Therefore, a variety of tiny products, including lotions, serums, mascara, and lipsticks, are readily available.


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