8 Korean Beauty Secrets Every Girl Should Know

The affection Koreans have for their beauty regimens is widely known. It also pays off! They spend a lot of time on various cosmetic products, which is why their skin always appears beautiful and glowing whether they are young or old, men or women. Although Korean cosmetics are fairly great, it’s not just about BB creams and awesome concealers; it’s also about a healthy diet, antioxidants, and natural beauty tips. Here are 8 Korean beauty tips that all females should be aware of.

Face washing

You are completely mistaken if you believe that cleansing your face once is sufficient. A single skin-cleansing routine should include two, perhaps three phases. First, Korean beauticians advise removing the top layer of pollutants with a cleansing tissue. It is mild and water is not needed. Then, to remove sunscreen, makeup, and other greasy contaminants, use an oil-cleansing product. Applying a cleansing foam thereafter will have a stronger impact and will completely clean your pores.

A facial massage

Face massages are very popular among Koreans; you can find one at every salon because they are equally as common as getting a manicure. After taking a hot shower, you can give your face a massage at home by using circular and tapping gestures on your forehead, cheekbones, jaw, and cheeks. It keeps your skin healthy and significantly enhances blood circulation, giving you a gorgeous dewy sheen.


Korean ladies are well-versed in the harm that the sun can do to our skin. Because of how delicate their skin is, pigmentation can happen rather frequently. Because of this, no Korean woman or girl ever leaves the house without using some UV cream. The better, the stronger! For additional protection, they put on gloves, broad hats, and even umbrellas.

Fresh Skin

Dewy, luminous skin is one of the top Korean beauty trends. It even has its own unique term: mul-gwang. Every woman should strive for dewy, radiant skin because, as we can all agree, it looks young, fresh, and lovely. The key is to stay hydrated! The best way to balance out the tone, smooth out, and hydrate your skin is to use a variety of moisturizing creams. The best products for achieving dewy skin include sheet masks, mists, and specific creams filled with pearls.

Reptile Products

If you’ve ever considered purchasing Korean cosmetics, you may have noticed that many of the items contain mucin, a type of snail slime. Although that seems a little disgusting and is undoubtedly not a vegan ingredient, if that doesn’t concern you, try a mucin-based cream. Your skin’s natural radiance and dewiness will be restored as mucin hydrates it. It also gets rid of inflammation and redness. Even some beauticians advise using it as an anti-aging procedure.

The LED face mask

Light therapy, sometimes referred to as LED treatment, is extremely popular right now in Korea. Although the method is not very new, it was initially created for astronauts to aid with skin health and tissue healing. Before, you could only receive light therapy in a beauty salon, but today you can use LED devices at home as well. Experts claim that different kinds of LED lights have various effects on human skin, greatly improving its health, reducing inflammation, and treating breakouts.

Internal Harmony

Even though Korean women adore their skin rituals, they are also aware of how crucial a balanced diet and gut health are to looking attractive. Their “beauty” therapies include both internal and external components since if something isn’t functioning properly internally, it will undoubtedly appear on your skin. A healthy lifestyle, adequate sleep, a balanced diet, and vitamin and mineral supplements are just a few factors that can enhance your beauty from the inside out. A holistic way of living is important; pay attention to everything you do and how you’re feeling. While performing your beauty routine, take some time to unwind and have fun.


Like women everywhere, Korean ladies are aware of the importance of periodically exfoliating their skin to eliminate dead skin cells. However, they take a different approach because they don’t follow a fixed schedule and instead assess their skin’s needs on a daily basis. Your skin might be more sensitive some days than others, so you should take that into account when planning your beauty routines and adjust them accordingly. Depending on the requirements of your skin, you can select from a number of exfoliating products, including retinols, powders, masks, and even unique water-activated enzymes.


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