8 Most Talked About Celebrity Outfits Of The Last Year (And A Few That Struck Everyone In 2020)

Celebrities dressed to impress in 2019 it was a big year for fashion. Each Red Carpet was unique, with fresh fashion trends for dresses arriving out of nowhere and disappearing just as quickly. They’ve been seen wearing pink puffy gowns one moment and then dressing elegantly like British Royalty and making bold yet excellent fashion choices. Here are the top 8 celebrity outfits of 2018 as well as a handful that will be remembered by everyone in 2020.

Lady Gaga

During the Golden Globes the previous year, Lady Gaga channelled her inner Cinderella and utterly stole everyone’s hearts. Every girl’s dream comes true with this princess outfit!

Coco Rocha

Although it has lost some of its celebrity support, Coco Rocha Pink was still very popular a year ago. Even so, Coco Rocha stunned in a stunningly spectacular outfit at Cannes 2019 that everyone fell in love with.


Cardi B

Cardi B has been making headlines in the fashion world with her 2019 costumes, so she most definitely knows a thing or two about ostentatious dresses! It was an absolutely stunning choice to wear this seashell dress to the Grammys the previous year.


Bella Hadid

At the Cannes Red Carpet last year, Bella Hadid wore a dress by Roberto Cavalli that was just stunning. It was uncomplicated, light, and did the best job of emphasising her attractiveness.

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One of the rare celebrities that could look chic while donning a vintage kimono is Rihanna. And she actually did that at the Queen & Slim premiere! Her John Galliano dress had a casual yet chic vibe, and the outfit was finished off with gorgeous accessories.


Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham simply cannot stand wearing uninteresting clothing, thus her outfit selections in 2019 have always been a visual treat. She looks bright and content while wearing body-con dresses that display her growing baby bump.


Eva Longoria

In 2019, Eva Longoria was already sporting body-hugging outfits with slits and cleavages after giving birth in 2018. This woman is a true goddess of beauty, and her stunning asymmetrical dress only serves to highlight this.


Dakota Johnson

At the Governors Awards in 2019, Dakota Johnson exuded pure grace. She wore a little crop top with a big skirt that had pockets. This amazing outfit did everything to highlight how stunning she looked.

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