8 New Beauty Trends Every Stylish Girl Should Follow (No More 6-Pack Abs!)

The beauty industry is continuously evolving, creating new trends and approaches of dressing yourself without seeming like a doll. I have wonderful news for all of you fashionista females out there because we are now riding a natural trend train that is moving quickly. More and more makeup professionals are finding inspiration in the natural beauty of women, abandoning obsolete fashions like sculpted brows and numerous layers of makeup. Don’t worry, though; the beauty world is far from being boring thanks to the wacky hair colors that are currently in style. Here are 8 modern beauty trends that any fashionable girl should adopt.

The ab crunch

The latest abs trend has models, celebrities, and Instagram stars all in a frenzy. It’s an ab-crack, and obtaining one without adhering to a specific diet and exercise routine is practically impossible. Remember that it is first and foremost a hereditary issue. Nevertheless, this style seems very cool!

Natural eyebrows

You can now wear any brow shape you wish, at long last! You may now change the look of your brows as you want while staying in style, whether they are bushy, thin, messy, or virtually nonexistent.

Inked freckles

Do you recall how frantic we once were to cover up these magnificent sunspots? Well, no longer! Many girls attempt to mimic freckles with makeup or tattoos because they think they are so adorable. You read that correctly; You might obtain some absolutely stunning inked freckles that would resemble natural ones.

Super short bangs

I have excellent news for everyone who loves Audrey Hepburn’s neat style or just wants to seem trendy: short bangs are currently in style. You will look at least a few years younger if you wear these simple, retro-style bangs.

Dip powder nails

A more durable option to gel nails, new dip powder manicures are reported to last 3 weeks (up to 4 with additional home maintenance). While it doesn’t create allergic reactions and doesn’t require a UV light to complete, there are still a number of risks for the health of your nails (it is a VERY long-lasting manicure after all).

Dip powder nails

This fashion trend has come and gone over the past few years, but it just won’t fade away. Purple hair has a vibrant, lavish, distinctive, and incredibly striking appearance. Get yourself a set of stylish purple locks if that’s what you’re going for!

Purple hair

Are diamond pendants and rings being worn the same old way? A new fashion fad that combines style and edge is here. You can now implant valuable stones directly into your skin in place of pendants and rings. A titanium plate will be inserted by a specialist, followed by the attachment of the stone. Easy-peasy! However, use caution since it is really simple to damage oneself while wearing stones like that.

finger piercing

For all you silver foxes out there, it’s time to flaunt your gray hair because it’s currently fashionable! You shouldn’t cover up naturally silver hair with color; instead, tone it to make it appear more cooler and just rock it. These days, silver hair is so popular that even Jean-Paul Gaultier created a dedicated hashtag for it. View the Instagram hashtag #grannyhair to decide if you want to try this new style.


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