8 Outerwear Trends For Winter

This winter is all about ease and comfort Outerwear , as well as a ton of color, an eccentric flair, and a healthy dash of glam. The latest styles advise us to stand out, look distinctive, and display our individuality. So take a look at the options below, find some inspiration, and start planning your winter wardrobe right away.

1. Coat with leopard print

Every fashionista should own a decent leopard print coat. It’s one of those accessories that you can always use to dress up any outfit and make a statement with if you so choose. It can add a bit of a rock star vibe when paired with ripped jeans and combat boots, or it can look stylish with a dress.

2. Strata

Layers are the way to go, as Balenciaga makes very clear. And more is always better. Their winter collection features a ton of oversized, layered puffy jackets. Additionally, you can easily get by with your own puffy jacket and a few cardigans if you don’t want to purchase their incredibly expensive ones.

3. Coats with teddies

The height of coziness are teddy bear coats. You definitely require that during the winter. Choose a traditional brown one to add a nice amount of texture to your ensemble, or go for a vibrant one to make it more lively and laid-back. We’ve heard pink ones are very popular.

4. Plants

Although a surprising choice for the winter, floral coats are popular right now. We’re not used to seeing large, vibrant flower arrangements on our coats, but when you think about it, it’s the ideal remedy for the winter blues and a fantastic way to add some colour to your wardrobe.

5. Texture Variations

Mixing textures is another way to stand out and be fashionable this winter. Feel free to wear various textures at once; faux fur, denim, and vibrant designs were all over the winter runways. This winter is the time to go bald and take risks.

6. Examined Musters

The transition from autumn to winter is being marked by checked patterns. They are so adorable and stylish in every colour and length. Additionally, you don’t have to stick to a traditional cut because this pattern works for every shape, including boyfriend fits and cape coats.

7. Coats with padding

No longer must you despise padded jackets. This winter, they aim to stand out with striking shapes and colours in addition to keeping warm in the chilly weather. Find the largest, boldest, and thickest padded jacket you can; it’s even better if it resembles your winter comforter.

8.Fake Fur

Fur has likely been discussed a lot this year. Many fashion houses have declared that they will no longer use real fur and will instead favour faux fur. Guess what, then. Faux fur coats and jackets are very much in trend this winter. And since it’s faux fur – you can go crazy with colors too.

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