8 Signs You’ve Closed Yourself Off To Love

After numerous heartbreaks and sorrows, emotionally draining relationships can be emotionally taxing. Being in love is such a beautiful thing, but not everyone is lucky enough to find the one who is truly worth it all. It can be difficult to have the confidence to open your heart and try again after such disappointments. Or, if you do decide to start dating again, no one ever seems to be the right fit. Does anything here seem even remotely familiar? Here are 8 warning indications that you may have blocked love from entering your life.

People in stable relationships are intolerable to you.

Sometimes people who’ve been damaged in relationships past truly just can’t deal with mushy, very happy couples who on the way to eternal bliss, whether it’s your closest friend, a sibling or coworker. This may be a solid symptom of being closed off if you can’t even feel happy for other people’s happiness.

All Potential Romantic Interests Seem All Wrong

No matter how fantastic a person may seem in the beginning, no one seems worth the effort of going through the screening step, getting to know each other, and making oneself exposed to someone new.

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You Give Up On Someone Because of The Smallest Hang Up

If you find yourself creating a habit of ghosting love interests left and right for minor reasons or harmless faults they make, you may have some severe emotional blockage. You really don’t want them to get any further than a certain level of closeness with you, because, truly, you’re not ready to let anyone in.

You Are Constantly Bitter and Angry For Seemingly No Reason

Although it may seem that you’ve gotten more harsh and cynical for no reason, it could likely be a result of a hardened heart or a jaded perception of anything slightly similar to joy.

You Conclude That You Just Aren’t The Relationship Type

At this moment, you may have really given up all hope if you feel that you just aren’t destined to be in a successful relationship. You could be right, but you may also be throwing in the towel by way of explaining your anxiety. Knowing the difference between the two will involve some serious contemplation.

You Won’t Give A New “Type” A Chance

Maybe you’ve always had a type in the past, but did any of those relationships work out? Being fully open to love is being open to new possibilities, and accepting that the universe may bring you the perfect person in a package that you aren’t akin to. Shutting someone down because they don’t fit your type means locking yourself out to so many love possibilities.

You Think Everything is Too Good to Be True

After coming out on the other side of a nasty breakup or two, you may feel like anything nice is going to eventually fail. This is a solid sign that you are blocked off to love and still need to deal with baggage, find a way to recognize that there is hope in going forward, and position yourself to experience new things.

You Are Still Stuck On Your Ex

As the expression goes, an ex-lover is an ex for a reason. Going back to someone who assumably was no good for you – hence why the relationship ended – is a sure fire strategy to be locked in the past and closed off from a new fresh, loving future connection.