8 Tips And Tricks For Strengthening Your Nails

I’m envious of some folks because they have naturally robust nails. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them, and I have a feeling that you aren’t either. It’s difficult to identify where those people’s strong nails came from. I will never know whether they are genetic lottery winners, always consume really healthy foods, or practice dark magic in exchange for flawless nails. I can, however, pull it off. Here are a few pointers and techniques I use to keep my nails strong and from breaking too frequently.

1. Put on gloves

Never subject your nails to corrosive substances or extremely high or low temperatures. So when you’re doing the dishes or cleaning your house, be sure to wear safety gloves. In the winter, wearing gloves is also beneficial for your hands and nails.

2. Make them brief

The easiest technique to get a broken nail to grow back completely is to keep it short; it takes about 3 months. It is essential to buff and trim your nails if they are thin and brittle in order to stop additional breakage and promote growth.

3. Use Base Coat

You would be receiving frequent manicures in an ideal world. However, since everyone is busy, the next best thing is to always wear a few layers of protective base coat. It will keep them stronger and shield them from water and soap. Look for base coats that are vitamin-enriched.

4. Hydrate.

In addition to helping your skin, moisturizing lotions also benefit your nails. Therefore, be sure to always carry a tub of hand cream. Make care to massage the cream into the nail beds as well as the rest of your hands while applying it.

5. Utilize cuticle oil

Use cuticle oil because if your cuticles are dry, so are your nails. It is not a hoax. Your nails will get stronger and shinier than ever with cuticle oil’s assistance. Invest in a decent one because you will use so little of it at once that it will last you for a very long time.

6. Consume a Balanced Diet

We truly are what we consume, so listen up. So you must have a balanced diet if you want strong, attractive nails. Eating a salad every now and then while ensuring you receive all the fats and proteins you need is really not that difficult. Drink plenty of water; maintaining proper hydration is beneficial for your nails.

7. Add-ons

If you believe your diet is healthy, consider taking supplements. There are nail lotions and oils that are enriched with beneficial vitamins and minerals. Purchase some “Hair & Nail” supplements as well. Do not discount biotin before giving it a try as a nail supplement.

8. Take A Break From Your Nails

It’s a good idea to stop if you often wear acrylic or gel nail polish. Give your nails a break and don’t paint them for around a month. Use all of the aforementioned advice instead of ignoring them totally, but refrain from constantly painting over them with gels and acrylics. Instead of resolving the issue, it will merely be covered.


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