8 Tips On How To Do A Perfect Natural Makeup

One aspect of makeup trends come and go, but the natural look will always be in style. Some of you may already have glowing skin, thick lashes, and that adorable blush that melts a guy’s heart, but aside from those fortunate few, the rest of us women need to learn a few makeup tricks to make what we already have look better. The best thing about natural makeup is that you don’t have to completely recreate your face; instead, you can simply identify your best features and emphasize them. Although the “no-makeup” makeup may seem simple, it is frequently the most difficult to pull off. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of some crucial pointers that will enable you to apply flawless natural makeup. As simple as ABC!

Cleanse your skin

Any type of makeup begins with a significant amount of preparation. Use some tonic, wash your face, clean and moisturize your skin, and don’t forget to get some beauty sleep to promote skin regeneration. Drink adequate water because skin cells are primarily composed of it; otherwise, your skin will seem and feel dry.

tread carefully

Your skin must have the most natural-looking makeup possible. To even out your skin tone, you should forego the heavy base and instead use some BB cream or a tinted moisturizer. Try using a sponge or just your fingers to apply makeup instead of your collection of cosmetic brushes. However, if you choose to use foundation, gently swirl it onto your skin with a fluffy brush.

Do not use your natural blush.

Blush has a lot of potential pitfalls, but once you identify your skin tone and the best blush for it, you’re good to go. As a general rule, fair skin tones look best with powder pinks, medium skin tones look best with peachy pinks, and darker skin tones look best with brownish pinks. Make sure to blush on the appropriate areas: the chin, forehead, and cheeks. For a more natural look, stay away from shimmery and sparkly cosmetics.

Carefully use concealer

Apply concealer to the inner corner of your eyes, the eyelid, and just beneath your brow to give the appearance of well-rested eyes. To emphasize your lips and stop lipstick from bleeding, it’s a good idea to line and blend the outer edges of your lips. Concealer on the eyelids will also stop your eyeshadow from dripping.

Remember to bring the highlighter!

Similar to concealer, highlighter is a potent makeup accessory that can be used to achieve a natural no-makeup look. The healthy glow that highlighters add to your skin really makes a difference. Simply dab a little highlighter in a few places to create a subtle effect. You’re good to go if you draw attention to your cheekbones and nose bridge.

Focus on your eyes.

Time to throw out your black mascara and replace it with a more subdued brown mascara with a lengthening effect. Curl your lashes to give your appearance more oomph. Instead of generating drama, our goal is to highlight your eyes’ inherent beauty. You should choose eyeshadow that is slightly darker than your natural skin tone because of this. Eyeshadows that are cream rather than powder always appear more natural.

Flawed lips

Without tidy-looking polished lips, your “no-makeup” look would be incomplete. You can simply create a plump lip effect or use lip gloss that is slightly brighter and more vibrant than your natural lip color. Make your lips appear fuller by dabbing on some foundation and highlighter, blending it in, drawing an outline, and then covering it all with lip gloss.

Don’t use eyeliner.

Eyeliner is great for creating dramatic makeup, but if you want to look natural, forget about it completely. Your eyes will stand out enough with that meager amount of brown mascara and neutral eyeshadow. It will also be much simpler to remove makeup!


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