8 Ways To Grow Eyelashes In A Month

Wouldn’t it be nice to have long, thick eyelashes that look good all the time, rather than just when you apply fifty layers of mascara? Too many times, after complaining about their short, brittle, and damaged eyelashes, women turn to daily use of falsies. The good news is that there is a way to fix this and have longer, fuller eyelashes in just one month. Here are a few pointers you should keep in mind to achieve that.

1. Take a break from your eyelashes. You don’t need to wear thick coats of mascara every day. Your eyelashes become more fragile and vulnerable to damage as a result. Even though you probably take off your makeup occasionally to let your skin breathe, you still apply mascara, don’t you? Why not give your eyelashes a few days without mascara so they can breathe?

2. Thoroughly clean your eyelashes. Never leave your mascara on while you’re in bed. If you’re wearing mascara, your lashes might actually break when you touch the pillow. Therefore, be sure to remove your mascara every night before bed using an oily makeup remover.

3. Massaging your eyelashes with oils a few times per week is a nice way to encourage growth. Simply place a drop of coconut oil or olive oil on clean fingertips, massage your eyelids and lashes for five minutes, and repeat. It will increase local blood flow and lengthen your eyelashes. Additionally, the oil will moisturize the eyelashes, giving them a shinier, healthier appearance.

4. Applying aloe vera is a fantastic additional method for moisturizing your eyelashes. If you don’t have an aloe plant at home, break off a leaf, squeeze some juice onto your fingertips, and apply to your lashes. You can also purchase organic aloe vera gel. overnight, then wash it off in the morning. Your lashes will grow stronger if you use aloe vera.

5. Using egg masks is another fantastic way to fortify your lashes. Simply apply a mixture of one egg and one tablespoon of petroleum jelly or glycerin to your eyelashes for a few minutes. You will definitely notice results if you apply this mask three times per week for a month.

6. You can also moisturize your dry eyelashes over night with plain petroleum jelly. Before going to bed, just dab a tiny bit of it onto your lashes. Avoid getting any in your eyes. In the morning, wash off. This is something you can do every day.

7. Many shampoos that strengthen hair and treatments for hair loss contain green tea. It is packed with vitamins and antioxidants that are good for both your eyelashes and hair. You can therefore make a pot of strong green tea, let it cool, then soak a cotton pad in it before applying it to your eyelashes for a few minutes in the morning and the evening. This can also be done every day.

8. It should go without saying, but not many people think about how your nutrition affects both your eyelashes and the rest of your body. So make an effort to eat healthily. For strong hair and eyelashes, make sure to include good proteins and good fats in your diet. Consume lots of fruits, vegetables, fish, and eggs.


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