8 Ways To Use Chocolate For Good Skin

We are ready to hear any justification for eating chocolate. Although it does taste good, chocolate also has health advantages, so you can continue to include it as a mainstay in your diet—in moderation, of course.

Note: When reading all the wonderful things that happen when you indulge in the naturally rich and luscious meal, bear in mind that we’re talking about dark chocolate with a higher cacao content (preferably 70% or above), not processed milk chocolate Hershey bars.

You may significantly enhance your complexion by eating this amazing dessert or using it topically on your skin. Here are all the advantages it gives your skin, along with do-it-yourself suggestions for incorporating chocolate into your home skincare routine for the best facial.

What are the skin benefits of chocolate?

It moisturizes skin
Your skin is shielded from damaging free radicals, which can result in blemishes, by antioxidants. In addition to being an antioxidant, flavonoids are abundant in cocoa. Vitamins A, B1, C, D, and E are abundant in flavonoids, which keeps your skin appearing young.

It eliminates rashes and inflammation.
Did you know that applying chocolate topically provides anti-inflammatory effects? Using skincare products or lip balm laced with chocolate will have a mild effect and soothe any irritation.

An all-natural moisturizer is chocolate.
Your dry skin will become lusciously soft thanks to oleic acid, stearic acid, and palmitic acid. Treat yourself to a lotion made with the mystical components of chocolate; after all, cocoa butter is so beneficial for a reason. Dark chocolate can be used to produce a handmade face mask, or you can buy additional hydrating chocolate-based products.

It boosts collagen.
Extremely high levels of antioxidants are found in cacao, the raw ingredient in chocolate, which minimizes wrinkles and boosts collagen formation. It shields skin from UV radiation, preserving its suppleness in the process. Because they contain a lot of magnesium, cocoa beans encourage your body to create progesterone, a hormone that prevents breakouts.

Skin detoxifies while being UV damage-protected
You’re too busy for a facial. Caffeine, which is included in dark chocolate, aids in the exfoliation of dead skin cells, sloughing them away to reveal a new layer of baby-soft skin. It is a handy, advantageous addition to any diet because it prevents skin cancer and sunburn while also slowing the effects of aging. According to studies, eating chocolate can “significantly photoprotect” consumers.

1. Create a chocolate body scrub.

Consider creating a homemade scrub like this one, which uses ingredients like cocoa powder, brown sugar, almond and coconut oils, and essential oils to promote soft, smooth skin. Added good news This scrub can be eaten.

2. Apply a cocoa face mask.

Cacao powder, sometimes known as the star of the show, is used in Wellness Mama’s opulent face mask. Additionally, it combines the anti-inflammatory and free radical-fighting qualities of yogurt, banana, and raw honey.

3. Prepare a foundation in powder form.

Yes, cocoa powder, which dries you out considerably less than other store-bought powders, is a main component of many DIY foundations. In this recipe, cocoa powder is combined with natural ingredients like nutmeg and cloves to create a skincare and cosmetics product.

4. Use chocolate chips to create a lip balm.

Would you like to smell like a delicious cupcake all day? This recipe calls for chocolate chips, beeswax, vitamin E, and olive oil and is great to make alone or with the family. Put the family to work while getting softer lips; it’s a great way to keep the kids occupied and introduce a new, glossy staple to your lip routine.

5. Take a bath in chocolate.

Why not soak in a chocolate-infused bath instead of the outdated bubble bath? Compared to a mud bath, this sounds much better! Combine some cornstarch, powdered milk, and unsweetened cocoa. Do you miss the fizz? Incorporate unscented bubble bath for a spa experience at home.

6. Make a quick body butter.

Since we already know that chocolate is hydrating, we won’t even mention how dull traditional moisturizer may be. So why not make a chocolate soufflé that is lighter than air and twice as hydrating? This recipe’s cocoa reportedly has a light bronzing effect that gives skin a sun-kissed shine.

7. Use it to wash your face.

Yes, chocolate has a cleansing effect. Make “Beauty Bliss Balls,” which are little doughy “skin food” balls, with rolled oats, cacao powder, and coconut oil. You only need to submerge a bliss ball in water until it transforms into a creamy cleanser!

8. Make a conditioner using chocolate.

Technically speaking, your scalp is still skin, and chocolate can promote the growth of long, lustrous hair. Cocoa powder and coconut cream are the only ingredients needed for this conditioner.


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