8 Year Old Is Tokyo’s Biggest Fashion Icon Coco_pinkprincess

I’m Coco. Coco_pinkprincessis currently one of Instagram’s most popular fashion idols, is 8 years old, and was reared in Tokyo.

In the hip district of Harajuku, Coco’s parents own and operate a vintage clothing shop. She exudes an aura that is more upscale, sassy, and trendy than the cast of Sex and the City put together.

Don’t be misled; while her family may assist in managing her account, Coco and her creativity, which is more akin to Anna Wintour than finger painting, are responsible for her sense of identity and distinctive style.

She goes by the name Pink Princess, and we wager that many young girls are envious of that title.

While other looks are just a complete mood with minimal wearability in the actual world, sometimes the looks are approachable or wearable.

I mean, burgundy maxi dress with neon yellow slip-on sneakers and metallic coat? Missy Elliott is proud of herself.

Usually, Coco’s surroundings are equally as stylish as her well-known street style ensembles, and her excursions have generated some major #fomo.

Coco most likely looks better dressed than you and the majority of other grownups, but she doesn’t let that bother her. Instead, she is simply expressing herself through art in this way.

Although she does have a strong “pink princess” side, and we admire her multiple identities, Coco is mostly a young, precocious rebel. One day, she might wear a cutesy, adorable outfit, and the next, an edgy, punk one.

Coco’s mother claims that while she was still choosing her outfits for her wardrobe at age two, she began showing an interest in out-of-the-box shopping by the time she was three. You can never start pursuing your dreams too early!

We can’t wait for this young woman to make an appearance in music videos and several fashion magazines. Rihanna, pay attention!

We look forward to seeing how she naturally develops as she ages and will continue to steal her clothing for daily inspiration.

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