80s Are Back: 7 Makeup Looks You Should Try ASAP

It’s not surprising that the madness of the 1980s is making a comeback because trends tend to repeat themselves. Those were the days of garish hues, outrageous hairdos, outrageous attire, and bling bling fit for a current rapper. You might or might not be a fan of the 1980s, but we guarantee that some of the styles that are making a comeback will have you wanting to give them a shot right away. Here are 7 cosmetic styles from the 1980s that you should attempt right away, without further ado.

Blue eyeliner

When it comes to 80s fashion and beauty trends, it’s either go big or go home. It’s not necessary to wear it with a hot pink top and a neon yellow skirt because that would be a touch excessive. You can use blue eyeshadow to add a sophisticated touch to your evening ensemble or to add a little additional flair to your daily casual look.


The better eyeliner, the sharper! It’s back to give you a sense of power and assurance. Even so, we have to agree that eyeliner never really disappeared. The most crucial component of a woman’s cosmetics is this!

pronounced brows

Have you noticed that today’s popular eyebrow style is more natural and appealing than the heavily plucked brows of the 1990s? If not, rest assured that it is occurring now. Right now, thick, full brows are hard to surpass!

gleaming lashes

Nothing screams “assured” like a bright color applied directly to your lashes! It can enhance even the most lifeless makeup look and draw attention to your outfit’s color scheme. There are many colorful mascara options available right now; choose vivid hues to create a dazzling evening appearance or muted tones for daily makeup.

Stainless lips

A few years ago, metallic lipstick could have appeared garish, but not now! It is currently the most popular trend in the globe. It looks fantastic with a straightforward one-color style. Do not overdo the look by keeping your eyes basic.

Pink lipstick

Most of the time, reds and pinks look terrific, but occasionally you just need that extra splash of color to really stand out. Fuchsia lips are daring, dangerous, and utterly stunning! Make sure to wear this cool color if you want to stand out or have an evening function to attend.

Vanity markings

Although you might not consider beauty marks to be particularly attractive, back in the day they were utilized to draw attention to one’s features and give off a flirtatious, youthful appearance. You ought to do it because all the 80s pop icons and famous vocalists did it: rock them


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