9 Absolute Don’ts When You Have A Crush On Someone

It’s insane to have a crush; it gives you the willies and is equally exciting and terrifying. When we have a crush, many of us behave badly or impulsively without even realizing it. Some of these things may endanger the future of the partnership. The top mistakes to avoid when you have a crush are listed below.

1. Follow him

Every now and then, we all indulge in a little social media stalking, but there is a difference between lurking on his Facebook or Instagram and physically following him around. In addition to being against the law, stalking a guy sends the wrong signals since it makes you seem desperate and clingy.

2. Disparage his ex-girlfriends or current girlfriends

No matter if they are his current or former flame, criticizing another woman is never cool. Even if he harbors grudges against her, it doesn’t speak well of you and your moral character. Don’t blame her if he’s seeing someone right now! She simply has the same taste in men, therefore it’s not her fault. It’s his problem, not hers, if he’s flirting with you and giving you conflicting signals when you’re in a relationship. So don’t blame her if she feels unwelcome.

3. Make him oversexualized

Similar to how women dislike having their bodies treated like objects and being gawked at, If you constantly brag in public about his abs, his booty, and all the nasty things you want to do to him, it will make him feel embarrassed and uneasy. You can talk to your pals about that stuff, sure, but keep it to yourself to prevent rumors from spreading or having it posted online.

4. Being overly persistent following a rejection

Accept his rejection politely and go on to the next person who accepts you for who you are if he rejects you. Repeatedly asking him out is not just impolite but also downright pushy and occasionally creepy. Find someone else to harass instead of the guy who has already made it plain how he feels! The sea is stocked with fish.

5. Center your entire existence around him

In a partnership, it’s crucial to have your own interests and a separate existence. If you act as though your crush is the center of the universe, then the moment something goes wrong, your entire world could come tumbling down. The man is not worth wasting all of your time on, no matter how fantastic he is. The more time you spend studying, participating in your favorite activity, or pursuing your own interests, the more attractive you’ll appear to possible suitors.

6. Consider him to be too superior for you.

Even the best of us can suffer from low self-esteem. Remind yourself of all the wonderful qualities you possess rather than belittling yourself. No matter how you look, having confidence is key to drawing in both men and women. If he does reject you, don’t describe all the reasons why he might not like you; instead, explain all the reasons why he is foolish for rejecting such a hot babe.

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7. Attempt to make him envious.

This is only one example of playing games, and we strongly advise against it while dealing with possible love partners. It’s deceptive and juvenile. Don’t mention other males around the person you want, and avoid flirting or hooking up with other people at parties in an effort to make him envious. Instead, adopt a mature approach and focus on just one guy at a time.

8. Don’t text excessively or act awkwardly in person.

Speaking your mind and being brave with that hot guy you have a thing for is much simpler when you’re hiding behind a screen. However, avoiding him in face-to-face situations could send the wrong signals, even if it’s just because you’re worried or concerned. Even worse, he might assume that you feel awkward around him. Instead, make an effort to maintain your composure and simply smile or convey interest with other body language.

9. Pose as someone else.

The most crucial factor in getting a crush to notice you is being yourself. In the end, you want people to like you for who you really are and not for the person you’re trying to appear to be or the person you believe he wants you to be. It will happen if he really does like you. Being authentic and proud of who you are is also very seductive for men.