9 Biggest 2020 Haircut Trends

The 2019 hair trends were mainly about sophisticated practicality. While center-parts and low ponytails formerly ruled the runway, this season is all about something else. Here are the top anticipated haircut trends for 2020, according to haircare professionals, celebrities, and more.

1. Brief Hair Don’t Care

There are countless techniques to make short hair look feminine for you despite the fact that many women are attached to having long hair. This style is a reaction to the Kardashians’ and other celebrities’ era of extremely long hair extensions. Instead, look to Karlie Kloss for really stylish shortcuts. Celebs like Kaia Gerber will be leading the charge as Bobs particularly makes a strong comeback. Getting it to the appropriate length is essential for sophistication. They give the potential for waves if they reach the collarbone, which can make a bob look younger and more laid-back.

2. Allow Your Natural Hair to Grow Free

We’re putting down the hot irons and the waves in 2020 and replacing them with nutritious haircare products that will encourage the growth of those natural locks. We’re throwing the overly styled, sleek look to the curb for the time being because the theme of the year is texture, whether that means tight coils or disheveled hair. Celebrity stylists advise using hot tools to enhance your natural style rather than completely getting rid of it. Use curl-friendly shampoos and conditioners that are enriched with moisturizing oils and humectants like coconut and shea butter, as well as items that support the natural shape of your hair.

3. Beach Waves

Beach waves are very popular for individuals with fine hair that is more on the straight end of the spectrum because not all of us were blessed with Yara Shahidi curls. They don’t need to pile on many style products; all they need is a firm texture spray or dry shampoo. Priyanka Chopra has mastered the look of beachy waves, which she styles to appear more piecey, but if you prefer a more uniform appearance, that is also a simple task to complete. When necessary, use a flat iron to enhance.

4. A Modern Shag

Shags were fashionable a few decades ago, but they’re making a comeback for medium to long hair since they blend perfectly with the tousled vibe that will be the dominant hair trend in 2020. In essence, a shag is a haircut with layers around the crown and chopped ends, but modern shags ensure that you don’t appear like a guy from a hair metal band. Add lots of texture and unkempt bangs to it for the ideal “contemporary shag.” A beautiful example of a shag queen is Alexa Chung.

5. Mild curtain thumps

Without conducting a thorough follow-up on only bangs, how could we discuss a shag? Although they are a risk and not suitable for every face type, bangs are in this year if you can pull them off. Curtain bangs can nicely frame the face and provide that stylish, retro vibe. Brigitte Bardot is always our go-to model for everlasting curtain bangs inspiration. The fringe in this style requires very little upkeep, and if you decide you don’t like it as a permanent style, you may let it grow out into layers that frame the face and go well with any facial shape or hair type.

6. Layers of Farrah Fawcett

With her stunning feathered hair, this hair goddess ruled the 1970s and was the pioneer in introducing women to a softer, more laid-back hairstyle. This late legend has made the cut return in 2020. Around the face, shorter layers are needed. Numerous face shapes and hair types might benefit from this long-layered style. For longer hair, it’s the best option because it may provide body and more bounce. If you want to add some flair, feel free to pair the Farrah-do with curtain bangs. For a modern take on the cut, use a curling iron to add form and volume.

7. The Slicked Back or Short And Choppy Pixie Cut

Less hair equals more freedom, and the 2020 pixie cut is yet another protest against the recent trend of overly long hair. Our model for the slicked-back pixie is Ruby Rose. It has a little boyish appearance and is styled with a gelled back. The focus on the face is surprising, but this expression only exudes self-assurance and sophistication. Add some high-shine pomade for enhancement, and style with a side part that is deep and combed back. This look can either be achieved by using less makeup or going in a more textured direction, ringlets and all.

8. Inverted Fro

The rounded ‘fro is currently the most striking style for ladies with natural hair. The rounded shape and lion cut involve cutting or trimming the natural curls into the roundest form organically, in addition to maintaining coils and curls invigorated and nourished. If your hair naturally grows in this form, congratulations; however, many women must clip their own hair to get this rounded shape, which adds volume while letting you keep your softness. The most current example is Tracee Ellis Ross, and you can even purchase items from her own haircare line to replicate those envy locks. If you want to cover the forehead, you can add a small fringe.

9. Sharp Cut

The one-length cut is being modeled by celebrities like Awkwafina and Kim Kardashian. It may entail cutting your hair short and blunt or simply adding a blunt end to a longer style. Although runways and fashion magazines are covered in the wavy, multi-layered style, this blunt cut is a more polished interpretation that nevertheless ties with the year’s hair theme of structure. Stand out from the crowd with blunt, non-layered, and thick lines that make just as strong of a statement amid a sea of fractured, textured cuts. For a spectacular finish, apply a high-shine spray.


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