9 Brilliant Villain Costumes That Would Take Over Any Fashion Show

We wouldn’t have stories without the villain. A good enemy produces all the essential drama and makes the main hero look so enticing. We wouldn’t have good without the bad and it just so happens that villains have a pretty fantastic sense of aesthetics. Evil is supposed to be enticing and even lovely (when it’s not incredibly disgusting and awful). Either way, villain don some of the most elegant and intricate outfits made by great brains of designers from all over the world. Here are 10 fantastic villain costumes that would take over any fashion event.


Maleficent’s haute-couture ensemble is a genuine amalgamation of all things evil and wonderful. It is both gorgeous and terrifying, motivating and disturbing. Wear this gear if you want to bring your inner Dark Queen out and practice the scary wicked laugh. It might be a bit over the top for a regular evening out, but if you want to create a statement – this is definitely the go-to outfit.

Cruella de Vil

Cruella’s bicolored look has become a real trend throughout the years. She doesn’t have one particular distinctive clothing, but her black-and-white hair together with fuzzy jackets and stunning gowns form a genuinely sophisticated image. High shoes and a thin cigarette only add to her beautiful elegance.

Poison Ivy

Sometimes a villain’s costume doesn’t scream ‘evil’ and can seem rather cheery. Poison Ivy’s costume is just like that! She is a legendary foe of the equally famous Batman and wears her sexy costume with grace and dignity. We never expected flowers to be so harmful!


Ravenna’s clothing always seem rich and magnificent — she’s a queen after all! And the more terrible the queen, the more lovely she must look. At least it seems to be the case with recent movies. And we don’t blame them! Ravenna looks amazing and just as the name says – sports a fancy raven feather collar.

Prince Nuada

Guillermo del Toro certainly knows a thing or two about exquisite creepiness. Prince Nuada from Hellboy 2: The Golden Army is the enemy of the main character (who, by the way, also looks wonderfully amazing and odd at the same time) (who, by the way, also looks incredibly cool and weird at the same time). He rocks such an incredible (for the want of a better word) suit, that the comics adapted the whole style. That jacket alone is to die for!

Emma Frost

Emma Frost’s comic book costumes are hardly worth mentioning, while her X Men: First Class is a completely different story. In the movie Emma Frost, depicted by the infinitely beautiful January Jones, wears her body-hugging attire with grace and elegance worthy of a queen. She looks more than classy!

Doctor Facilier

Disney villains are hard to top when it comes to gorgeous looks. The voodoo-inspired style of The Princess and the Frog’s main protagonist is incredibly trendy, as are his manners and the way he carries himself. Dr. Facilier is a real work of art!


Well, we haven’t seen Ursula wear an actual gown, but the one based on her witchy black dress with tentacles would undoubtedly look both stunning and terrifying (and that’s something any villain should strive for). Just envision a gorgeous dark dress that ends in details that appear like tentacles. It would be a killer!


Pan’s Labyrinth, another outstanding masterpiece of Guillermo del Toro, depicts Captain Vidal, a man of severe rules and ferocious attitude. It all resulted in his wardrobe choices that tend to be largely militaristic. Luckily for him, this style of fashion never goes out of trend and he has adjusted his uniform a bit so it seems odd than usual. Kudos for that!

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