9 Fashion Tips Every Indian Girl Should Follow

When we think of traditional Indian clothing, we typically picture sarees, dupattas, kurtis, and other exquisite pieces. But that’s not all that modern clothing can do! If you observe Bollywood celebrities, you’ll see that blending is a really popular trend right now. An elegant new style that is both hip and sophisticated is created when the widely popular Western clothing style and graceful Indian apparel are combined. Not only that, but new fashion trends need creative colour combinations, daring fashion statements, and experimentation. Here are 9 fashion recommendations for Indian women.

Mix with denim

If you follow Sonam Kapoor, you are aware that traditional Indian attire and denim are currently in style. It has a highly clever blend of comfort, modernity, and edge. Try pairing a half-saree with a pair of jeans if you’re sick of wearing a saree everywhere or want to wear one but want to be more comfortable. You can accomplish it if a Bollywood diva can! It’s currently all the rage in the fashion industry.

Put on a skirt with your kurta.

Kurtis look just as amazing with a strikingly printed skirt, even if you’ve probably never considered pairing them with anything other than salwaar and churidra. Another option is to wear a plain kurti and skirt and a stunning printed shawl. Add a few essential Indian-inspired accessories, and you’re ready to go!

Invest in a cloth jacket.

The style of the past century is leather coats! It’s time to wear some of those wonderful fabric jackets, which are available in a variety of sizes, hues, and styles. There are so many styles to try, including ethnic jackets, boho jackets, jackets with gorgeous needlework, and jackets with wild designs. Denim jackets are undoubtedly among the coolest and are currently seeing a tremendous resurgence. If you enjoy wearing statement jackets, make sure the remainder of your ensemble isn’t overdone. Ensure simplicity!

Wear dhoti pants

Appearance no farther if you want a totally contemporary Desi look! Grab a few pairs of fashionable dhoti pants from the nearby store because they are now making a major impression in the fashion industry. Everyone is experimenting with the new look, from cool college females to Bollywood divas and housewives! They go well with a variety of blouses or tees and may be worn with either casual sneakers or sophisticated shoes. They can be styled however you choose!

Wrap your dupatta in a different way

There are very few Indian girls that do not wear a dupatta. It may be worn with both Indian and Western-style apparel and is lovely and comfortable. But now is the time to play around with this lovely

Indian clothing

! Consider wrapping it differently, and make sure it matches your clothing. It is preferable to choose a plain dupatta if you are wearing designs and striking pieces. If you’re wearing simple patterns, you can go all out with an extravagant dupatta to bring the whole ensemble together.

Wear your kurti as a jacket

Yes, kurtis are getting more adaptable and flexible in terms of the accessories you may wear with them. If you have a kurti with an open front, you may easily transform it into a jacket style! Put on your favourite pair of jeans, a basic blouse, and your stunning kurta. It will have a unique, modern style that is wholly Indian!

Up your saree game

Go for the latest printed sarees that offer a variety of designs, from whimsical florals to stripes and circles, if you can’t fathom your life without a saree but feel you need to somehow improve in this area. If you want to keep your appearance understated, you can choose a chic plain-colored saree. To achieve a look that is more reminiscent of Bollywood, add some lovely accessories. Oh, and instead of a saree blouse, remember to wear a crop top!

Try a waist belt

One of those accessories that never goes out of style is the belt. It’s time to return to high waisted belts at this point. Now you may combine them with anything! Wear anything you like, including dresses, saris, and kurtas, as long as you adhere to the golden rule: pick a belt with embellishments. If your outfit is simple or informal, opt for a plain belt; otherwise, use printed clothing. With boho attire, leather belts look great.

Accessorise with Jhumkas

The importance of jhumkas is sometimes underrated while discussing accessories. They may have taken a break for a time, but they’re back and better than ever with their creations. Any Desi outfit must have it! These lovely Jhumkas have been disregarded by Indian fashion for a while, but they are suddenly making a comeback. Make sure to try the hip tribal patterns!

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