9 Fashionable And Futuristic Pieces Of Wearable Tech

Do you really believe that the worlds of technology and fashion cannot coexist? What if I told you, however, that nerds and Futuristic actually shared a trait? These apparel and accessories, which range from amazing dresses with built-in lighting to awesome sneakers with Google Maps, are simply amazing, and you’ll want to spend all of your money on them.

1. Silic: A self-cleaning shirt

Every slob’s dream has finally come true. Beer won’t accidentally spill on you at the bar anymore since with this shirt, any liquid easily slips off. With its hydrophobic nanotechnology and extreme softness, it keeps perspiration and other liquids from staining your shirt.

2. Ying Gao’s creation, Dresses That Move

Using eye-tracking technology, these gowns move when they are focused on for a prolonged period of time. Tiny motors move various components of it in patterns while the gazer has their eyes fixed. The next time someone is ogling your breasts, you can tell them out without even speaking, and yet look stylish!

3. Feeling Sweater

The Mood Sweater is the name of this hazy hooded sweater. It recognizes your emotions and makes them known to everyone in the space. It produces a colour light display that tells you how you’re feeling by preparing your emotions. Every circuit board is made in-house, and each piece is made specifically for the person.

4. Early breast cancer screening for individuals

A smart phone-enabled device connects our Cyrcadia Health solution laboratory with the wearable, cozy intelligent breast patches in the sports bra after they have detected minute circadian temperature changes in your breast cells. An internet-connected bra insert that can be worn in a bra can identify the earliest indications of breast cancer by analyzing circadian rhythms. Sounds quite revolutionary and transformative. You can check for breast cancer at home while looking cute.

5. RFID wallets for women

These stylish wallets appear to be designer, but they’re actually a high-tech security measure.

You are protected from electronic pickpocketing by its RFID blocking. Additionally, they can store and safeguard your passports.

6. LEAF: The Smartest Jewelry in the World

The so-called “world’s smartest piece of jewelry” is also incredibly fashionable. The lovely pendant with a leaf design can be worn as a necklace by hanging it from a chain. Oh, and you can also keep tabs on your health by tracking your activity, menstrual cycle, and sleep. There are stress-relieving breathing exercises that can help you balance your physical and emotional health.

7. Bracelet for June

The June ring, which comes in platinum, gold, and gunmetal colors, is a cute little piece that stands for the future of UV and sun protection. Great for vacations because you can actually see how much actual sun the wearer is actually absorbing. This effectively warns the wearer of UV danger. Start the anti-aging process right away and learn how to protect your skin.

8. the Anouk Wipprecht-designed Synapse Smart Dress

Powered by Intel’s Edison chip, this stunning 3D-printed dress uses biosensors to measure a variety of factors and responds in various ways. A camera on the front of the dress can take pictures of objects and people that affect your mood, and a matching headpiece tracks attention levels. A proximity sensor activates a bright range of 120W LEDs when someone approaches you too closely.

9. The First Haptic Shoes in the World

This is the first pair of haptic shoes ever made; it was inspired by the desire to use technology to improve the lives of people who are blind. It now serves as a navigational aid. These Google Map-integrated, Bluetooth-enabled shoes look like stylish running sneakers and buzz to indicate which way you should turn, saving you from having to look down at your phone.

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