9 Foods That Make Your Skin Age Faster

When you’re 21, you might not give your skin or aging much thought, but trust us when we say that it will only grow worse as time goes on. That is, if you don’t take good care of your body. The most crucial of all the elements that affect how you look as you age is what you eat. However, there are numerous other factors as well. There are foods that will make you look bad just as rapidly as the superfoods that will instantly improve your appearance, as you’ve probably heard. Here are nine foods that hasten skin aging.


Sugar, which messes with our collagen levels, is the main cause of our skin becoming sappy and wrinkled. Additionally, it leads to inflammation in our bodies, which has a direct impact on acne and pimples on our skin. It’s time to give up sweets!


Although it’s not the worst food for aging skin on the list, caffeine can be very damaging if you drink more than a few cups a day. A morning cup of coffee becomes a terrible combination for your skin when you add milk and sugar, as most of you probably do. Caffeine greatly dehydrates our skin. A glass of water should be consumed immediately after each cup of coffee to prevent the negative effects of coffee on your complexion.

Trans fat

Fast food and shelf-stable snacks include trans fats, which are among the worst for your skin. They immediately affect the cells of our skin and produce inflammation in our bodies, which results in skin issues.


For those of you who at least somewhat care about your bodies, margarine is a massive no-no. Consuming margarine has been directly linked in studies to the aging process. Margarine is more worse than butter because it is full of fatty acids that affect the suppleness and collagen levels of our skin.

Fried potatoes

Despite how delicious they may be, French fries are extremely bad for our skin. They are salty, fried in oil, and prepared with potatoes that will eventually break down into sugar in your body, which is a big no-no and causes aging. We can only suggest that you stop eating French fries forever!


Alcohol is the only substance that causes you to get more dehydrated than coffee. It depletes the vitamins A and C in our bodies, which are essential for the health of our skin, and lowers the levels of magnesium and zinc, which are anti-aging nutrients.


Since candy is manufactured with sugar, the answer is now rather evident. But because processed sugar boosts insulin response and encourages rapid weight gain, it is far worse for our bodies. But before you give up, remember that dark chocolate is a treat you can enjoy without worrying about damaging your skin. Just be sure it doesn’t include any sweets or dangerous ingredients.

Milk and other dairy goods

Whether dairy products are genuinely bad for you or not is still a matter of debate in science. The main fact is that while some people get severe side effects from them, others are perfectly unaffected by them. Milk and dairy products are a fantastic place to start if you have troubled skin and believe something you eat is bad for you.

Finished meats

Because they are stuffed with preservatives that create inflammation in the body and we all too well know where that goes, processed meats like ham, bacon, and sausage are terrible for our skin. Additionally, they produce free radicals that harm your DNA as well as the rest of your body! Simply choose leaner proteins like turkey or chicken.


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