9 Habits That Damage Our Health Without Us Even Noticing

It’s safe to assume that fitness has firmly established itself as a trend in recent years. We don’t mean to imply that maintaining a healthy weight or being physically fit is anything new. Of course, it has been a widely held belief from the beginning of time, but in recent days, fitness as a way of life or virtually a fashion has unquestionably gained popularity. We are all in favor of anything that encourages people to pay closer attention to what they eat and get more exercise. It most likely has something to do with the invention and popularization of athleisure, about which many people have strong feelings. Therefore, you should probably be aware of these 10 habits that harm our health without us even realizing it if you want to hop on the bandwagon and become more healthy.

1. Purchasing affordable eyewear

Everyone of us has bought subpar sunglasses. After all, we don’t see the sense in investing in a good pair when we know we’ll probably end up sitting on them or losing them while on vacation. The cheap glasses don’t genuinely shield our eyes from dangerous UV radiation because they are composed of cheap plastic. What’s even frightening is that while sunglasses exclude sunlight, our pupils expand, allowing even more damaging ultraviolet rays to enter our eyes. These rays can injure our eyes, induce cataracts, and in the worst case, even lead to cancer. Do yourself a favor and invest in an excellent pair of sunglasses; nevertheless, if you can’t afford them, it would be wiser to forego wearing sunglasses completely than to acquire a pair that is of inferior quality.

2. cross your legs

How often do you sit with your legs crossed? Most likely, you’re not even aware of it. You just do it naturally; it comes naturally to you. However, sitting with your legs crossed can really cause hypertension, varicose veins, and even significant nerve damage. Make an effort to sit with both of your feet firmly planted on the floor the next time you see yourself sitting cross-legged and swapping legs.

3. Eating at the office desk

Many individuals do this to save time and accomplish more, but that doesn’t necessarily imply it’s healthy for you. First of all, food consumption is not intended for the workplace. It’s disrespectful to eat at your desk and let coworkers smell your food because there are many different allergies that you could set off with your meal. Additionally, odours move swiftly. However, even if you don’t care about common sense and decorum, you might be concerned about the fact that offices harbor a lot of bacteria that are bad for your digestive system.

4. Do Not Sleep On Your Back Or Side

Even while many people find it more comfortable to sleep on their side or even their stomach, doing so can have a variety of negative effects on your body. Your diaphragm doesn’t fully extend when you sleep on your side, which can lead to back pain and breathing issues. Sleeping on your stomach is much worse since it puts a lot of strain on all of your internal organs and restricts the movement of your diaphragm. Basically, sleeping on your back is recommended.

5. Giving Birds Food

Although many of us don’t do it frequently, many individuals do feed pigeons in order to get them to perch on their hands and capture great photos. The fact that they constantly have a 50% possibility of carrying contagious illnesses like ornithosis, colibacillosis, TB, rabbit fever, and others is actually highly harmful. In essence, urban pigeons are no better than urban rats. Therefore, avoid them.

6. Microwave Popcorn

It’s not that microwaves are evil, popcorn is bad for you, or anything else like that. The contents of those microwaveable popcorn sachets are more important. They frequently contain diacetyl, a synthetic oil that when heated evaporates and causes lung harm when breathed in. Therefore, the next time you microwave popcorn for a movie night, wait a little while and let it cool before removing it from the microwave. It won’t take long, and your lungs will appreciate it.

7. Using a hot water bottle to relieve pain

One of the most popular home cures for pain is applying a hot water bottle or an ice pack. While this method may be effective in some circumstances, there are many injuries and conditions that both treatments may aggravate. For instance, what you might think is a cramp could actually be an acute abdomen inflammation such as appendicitis that won’t get better with a hot water bottle or an ice pack. For the first few hours, or in some cases even days, hot water bottles should not be used to treat sprains and other injuries.

8. Walking Around Town in Open-Toed Shoes

But what should I dress in the heat, you’re undoubtedly asking yourself. After all, sandals, flip flops, and open-toed footwear are in style right now. You can choose to take the chance of getting your foot stepped on, cut, and possibly infected. Consider how simple it would be for the bacteria on the streets to enter your bloodstream through a small wound on your foot.

9. Taking in excessive water

We absolutely require adequate amounts of water to function effectively since water is essential to life. You’ve probably seen the photos where it appears that individuals are 80% water. But that does not imply that you should consume half as much water as you weigh. Our bodies only need to drink when they are thirsty most of the time. You’ll undoubtedly benefit from substituting water for your soda and coffee, but forcing yourself to do so can be unhealthy, particularly if you have kidney or cardiovascular difficulties.


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