9 Hair Care Tips Every Girl Should Know

Everyone wants to have only nice hair days, but it doesn’t always happen, right? We feel that in order to avoid bad hair days all the time you either need a LOT of luck, or, a few tips and tactics to generate your own luck. But even if you’re luckiest person ever, having a handful of tricks under your sleeve won’t hurt, so have a look at some of the greatest hair care ideas we gathered for you.

1. Long Flowing Ponytail (two ponytail technique)

If you’re bored of waiting for your hair to grow out, you might assume that extensions are the way to go. However, a quick and easy technique to make your hair look longer is to execute this fantastic ponytail trick that will instantly fool others into believing you have long hair. Your pals could even be shocked at how did you manage to grow your hair so swiftly overnight.

2. Fuller Ponytail (hairclip root)

While we’re on the subject of ponytails, if you want to add a bit of volume to yours and make it look fuller there’s an easy cure. All you have to do is apply a little hair clip at the base of your ponytail. It will immediately transform a droopy ponytail into a bouncing work of art.

3. Brush Before Washing

Now here’s a genuine hair care advice – brush out your hair before showering. If you go to wash your hair when it’s tangled you risk tearing and breaking your hair. When it’s wet, your hair has less elasticity, so it damages easier. So for healthier and better looking hair it’s advisable to brush it before washing. It’ll also help you prevent drain clogs, which is a great addition, don’t you think?

4. Combat Dandruff With Coconut Oil

The most prevalent reason for dandruff is dry scalp. Studies have showed that using extra virgin coconut oil to nourish your scalp will help get rid of dandruff. Just apply some coconut oil into the roots of your hair before going to bed and wash it out in the morning. You should see effects within days.

5.Heatless Curls

Hot styling tools aren’t the sole technique to get curls. If you want to generate bouncy curls without hurting your hair in the process Then straws are your best bet. Yes, you heard me right, ordinary straws you usually drink juice or soda with. Just divide your hair into parts and curl them over a straw. Tie the straw into a knot and leave for a couple of hours or overnight. The thinner the straw, and the smaller the portions – the tighter the curls will be.

6. Beachy Waves

Beachy waves aren’t easy to achieve. Usually you have to use different sized of curling wands, or vary directions of your curls, and even after that you can still wind up with more of a “perfect curls” hairdo than “messy beachy waves”. But there’s actually an easy technique to obtain that beachy hair appearance without using heat. Just do a typical fishtail braid before going to bed and in the morning, when you unbraid your hair, all you’ll need is a dab of salt spray to give some texture to your look.

7. Sun Kissed Hair

While we’re on the topic of beachy hair, let’s speak about highlights. We all want those sun-bleached, lighter hair in the summer. It just looks good, doesn’t it? However, if you’re not quite ready to go to the hairdresser and use harsh bleach on your hair – there’s a natural approach to do this. All you need is a touch of lemon juice and honey.

8. DIY Leave In Conditioner

If you enjoy attractive braids that don’t grow frizzy – you know the value of leave in conditioner. Did you know that if you ever run out of it you can always make your own. Just mix ordinary conditioner with water and spritz into damp hair. Your hair will dry smoother and shinier, and it’ll help eliminate frizzy hair.

9. Static-free Hair

While we’re on the topic of frizzy hair, let’s talk about static. Static also produces a considerable amount of frizz, and while one of the ways to combat static is to maintain your hair nice and hydrated or to but an anti-static spray, there’s also a cheap alternative that will save you in a pinch. Before brushing your hair, put a dryer sheet onto the hairbrush, just puncture it with the bristles and then brush you hair. This will only erase static from your hair, but it’s also a good way of keeping your brush clean.


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