9 Makeup Tips A Person With Hooded Eyes Needs To Know

Hooded eyes are fairly frequent, even in superstars, yet they have a poor reputation in the beauty business. Your crease is significantly hidden by the extra skin that folds down from the brown bone, giving you a sleepy or narrow appearance. Try these quick makeup tricks to keep your eyes bright and wide awake.

1. Spend money on a premium eye primer. Without it, eye makeup smears and smudges, which makes hooded eyes appear more more dramatic. Using the right primer will keep your makeup in place.

2.. Matte shadows are preferable if you want to hide the upper brow bone because shiny ones can bring attention to it. Matte shadows hide the hood while shimmering ones reflect light and make objects appear larger.

3. Place a folded handkerchief on the outer corner of your nose to your brow and use a straight line to apply shadow from the center of your eye outward toward the handkerchief to raise hooded eyes.

4. Applying makeup when your eyes are closed can make it more difficult to locate the natural crease. Instead, apply while observant. It’s a well-liked straight line method.

5. This hack for cat eyes involves first lining your eyes, followed by a flick with your eye open that begins at the fold and is softly pulled outward and upward. With a last liquid liner tracing, hold and extend the wing past the fold.

6. Try to limit your use of pens to fine points while lining your upper lid. Your eyes may appear even smaller if liner is applied too thickly and with a lengthy wind. Maintain a light lining for big, lively eyes!

7. Shape your brows. Because of the shape of hooded eyes’ sockets, your brows will catch attention. To draw attention to sparse brows, shape them with a light color underneath and gentle brushstrokes.

8. Shape your cheekbones. Your eyes can grow longer with this trick. Apply highlighter to the cheekbone to get this. In order to balance the cheekbone and lengthen the eye, contouring with a deeper shade is required.

9. Use white eyeliner to give the appearance of larger eyes. The white eyeliner should be used to line the inner corners of your eyes.


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