9 Makeup Trends For New Year’s Eve Party

The one lavish opportunity that everyone has to dress up, drink champagne, and feel like an A-list celebrity is on New Year’s Eve. Girls frequently concentrate on what outfit will turn attention that night, but choosing the correct cosmetics look is just as important—if not more so—to completing your vibe.

Mirrored eyes

You can pull off the ice queen look like Lady Gaga did. It’s all about fusing vintage Hollywood glamor with futuristic sparkle to create a silver appearance that can be worn with any outfit and provide understated glitz.

Lipless with a smokey eye

Quickly become an Italian supermodel with a minimal, bare, yet glossy lip and a dramatic smokey eye. Without any of the tacky glitter, it appears elegant, classic, and stylish.

Glitter eyeshadow in gold

We advise using a liquid color that applies easily, such as eye glitter from Stila Cosmetics. It will warm up and give a touch of glam to your appearance while making your eyes sparkle like never before.

highlighter in gold

A shimmering gold highlighter is the subtle Kardashian boost you need to complement your high points of the face and make your bones really shine if wearing gold makeup is too daring for you.

a matte red lip, and subdued eyes

Going matte elevates you to a high fashion look that will make people assume you’re a model. Glossy red lipstick is so predictable. The greatest combination is one with a subdued and subdued eye.

Purple cat eye with shimmer

If you want to try a look that will make you stand out from the crowd, this one is dramatic and a fun variation to the traditional smoky eye. Blend the end of your wing thoroughly with a soft black liner.

Bold eyebrows and a port wine lip

This lipstick has a dark, New York style and is comparable to Burgundy, but it has a more romantic, purple-ash tinge that isn’t quite Twilight and goes well with gelled-up, brushed-out brows.

Black matte lips and a black glitter eyelid crease

Are you the queen of darkness, but you also want to give your gothic look a little glam? Go for a matte black lip and then add a tiny line of black liquid glitter liner to the crease where your eyelid and eye bone meet.

Rose gold lips and a highlighter-enhanced rose gold smokey eye

You’ll look like a goddess from Victoria’s Secret wearing this rusty. It offers that sun-kissed effect with just the right amount of sheen and a bronzed, natural vibe and is a more subdued neutral than gold.


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