9 Most Expensive Pairs Of Shoes Ever

If you have a shoe addiction, raise your hand. I am aware that many people have this issue, but what can be done? We want to buy every pair of shoes because they are all so lovely. But don’t worry, the shoes we’ll be discussing today are usually either not for sale or are so expensive that none of us could possible afford them. So because it appears to be a secure setting, let’s just appreciate some of the most costly footwear ever made.

1. $1 million for the Marilyn Monroe shoes

You could assume from the name that these shoes belonged to Marilyn Monroe or were at the very least designed especially for her. You’d be mistaken, the Swarovski crystals are what ties them to Marilyn. Marilyn Monroe once wore earrings with those crystals. Quite unimpressive, in my opinion.

2. $1.09 million Stuart Weitzman Platinum Guild Stilettos

These sneakers are much more intriguing now. They are fashioned of platinum cloth and have 464 diamonds, which accounts for the high price. These shoes are also transformers, though. How cool is it that the diamonds can be removed and worn as jewellery?

3. $2 million pair of Jason Arasheben’s Tom Ford custom loafers

Not only women have access to pricey, glittering shoes. The Tom Ford shoes that you see were altered by jewellery designer Jason Arasheben at Nick Cannon’s request because he wanted a cool pair of shoes. When you realise that these shoes are covered in 14,000 diamonds, the price starts to make sense.

4. $2 million Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite heels

It is obvious that Stuart Weitzman enjoys creating extremely expensive gem-studded shoes, but these are particularly unique. You see, normally, only one type of gemstone is used in his shoes, but these shoes include both tanzanite and diamond. Two different kind of jewels equal two million, right? Unusual flex, but fine.

5. $2 million for the Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers

Cinderella served as the inspiration for this Weitzman design. The shoe include clear heels, Italian leather uppers, and, of course, crystal and diamond embellishments. The right shoe has a large 5-carat amaretto diamond in the middle, making the two shoe different from one another. It’s the closest thing to a Cinderella glass slipper, in my opinion.

6. $3 million Rita Hayworth heels by Stuart Weitzman

These $3 million open toe shoe have a flower on top and are made of chocolate brown satin. The heart of that flower also contains a variety of jewels. When the light touches it, the diamonds, rubies, and sapphires create a really vibrant shine.

7. $3 million Harry Winston Ruby Slippers

In 1989, these exquisite slippers were created to commemorate the Wizard of Oz’s 50th anniversary. It is obvious that they were motivated by Dorothy’s ruby slippers. These are more in keeping with the name than the ones in the movie, which are only covered with sequins. These are also covered in diamonds and rubies. Additionally, they are constructed in Judy Garland’s actual size, who played Dorothy.

8. High Heels by Debbie Wingham: $15.1 million

These shoes are without a doubt at the top of designer Debbie Williams’ list of extravagant creations. We see why she was going for the dessert aesthetic with these shoes. These sneakers undoubtedly remind us of waffles or gingerbread houses. They have real gold-plated zippers, and the shoes are constructed of leather that has had 24-carat real gold paint applied to it.

9. $17 million for The Passion Diamond Shoes

Finally, we arrived at the pair of shoes that cost the most in the entire globe. These shoes took nine months to produce and are comprised of gold and diamonds. They have two large diamonds, each 15 carats, together with several smaller gems. But instead of being worn out, they are currently on exhibit at Dubai’s Burj Al Arab.

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