9 Most Famous Style Icons Of The 1960s

The actual fashion idols date all the way back to the 1960s, despite the fact that people today may turn to the Kardashians and social media starlets for fashion sensibilities. These women were revered long after they had passed their prime, and many of their fashions are still popular today. Here are some of our all-time favourites.

1.Edie Sedgwick

Do you recall Factory Girl? Miss Sedgwick was an extremely rich socialite who also served as Andy Warhol’s inspiration. With her bad girl makeup and small mod skirts, this supermodel, who created the term “it-girl,” continues to be an inspiration.

2.Brigitte Bardot

This French bombshell was recognized for her gap tooth and piled-high, golden hair that was oh-so-chic. She exuded sexiness and confidence in everything she did, and magazines continue to try to recreate her hair to this day.


Twiggy made the tomboy pixie look popular because to her incredibly thick painted eyelashes. After having her hair cut off in 1966, she gained an instant celebrity and was immortalized in Warhol’s paintings and on shopping bags.

4.Jackie Kennedy

Prior to Michelle Obama, Jackie Kennedy, often known as Miss Onassis, was the original fashion-forward First Lady. She never lost her sense of style, even after her husband passed away, sporting pillbox hats, her trademark sunglasses, and skirt suits.

5.Jane Birkin,

Famous for playing the lead in “Blow Up,” Jane Birkin was adored by many, including Serge Gainsbourg, for her effortless charm and French-British fusion style.

6.Audrey Hepburn

This woman was a powerful performer as well as a fashion icon. As for Audrey’s infamous portrayal of the LB in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, we are unaware of anybody else who can pull off stylish ballet pumps with capri trousers.


Veruschka was seen as a gorgeous subject ready to be transformed into art by photographers like Avedon and Helmut Newton, notwithstanding your concerns that she needs a lunch. This beauty was the epitome of 1960s style in terms of her lips, eyes, and legs.

8.Anita Pallenberg

This was the classic rock chick of the 1960s. She may have had affairs with half of the Rolling Stones, but she also influenced the band and all of us with her thigh-high boots, ultra-tight patterns, and fringe flair.

9.Ursula Andress

The “swimsuit moment” in film was created by Ursula, who made her name as a Bond girl. But no one has performed it quite like Ursula, complete with a knife belt fit for a femme fatale.

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