9 Mouth-Watering Dishes From Curd You Should Try At Least Once

Yogurt, also known as curd, dahi, or just yogurt, is a delectable delight in and of itself, but it can also be incorporated into many different meals to produce a flavor all its own. Indian curd is slightly unique from other yoghurts due to its smooth texture, cooling effect, and tangy flavor. It can be used for a multitude of things, including the traditional summertime beverage Lassi, tasty desserts, and mouthwatering Raita sauce. Here are 9 delectable curd meals that you must try at least once.

Bhalle Dahi

This traditional food comes from the north of India and has a mild texture and sweet-and-sour flavor. Deep-fried dal or dal-mixture dumplings are served with flavorful mint chutney, curd, and a few pomegranate seeds for extra crunch.

flax seed pudding

This recipe is straightforward, simple to prepare, and loaded with advantages for your health. While curd itself is high in calcium, which is vital for the health of our bones, flax seeds are well recognized for being rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which strengthen your immune system and lower your risk of heart issues. Add some mint and bottle gourd that has been grated, and presto! Any meal can now have a healthy addition.


Popular Indian cuisine Shrikhand is very simple to prepare. To make the base for your delectable shrikhand, combine some sugar and hung curd (strain off any liquid), then whisk in some saffron. Finally, top it off with some dry fruits, cardamom, almonds, or sunflower seeds.

Theodore Dosa

Can curd be used to make a dosa? Of course it can! It pairs perfectly with coconut chutney or any other chutney, in fact, with this curdled version of the traditional south Indian meal. It can be made in a flash and is fluffy and light!

Rice in Curd

While most Indians in the north choose the straightforward dal-chawal dish as comfort food, curd rice is more common in the south, where food is more frequently light and spicy. The dish is absurdly simple to create because all you need to do is combine soft-boiled rice with some curd before seasoning with additional ingredients to make it more flavorful. Along with the customary curry leaves and mustard seeds, you can also include some finely chopped vegetables. Pomegranate garnish is important to remember!

Lassi Namkeen

We’re all familiar with sweet lassi recipes, and it’s tough to top mango lassi or lassi with strawberries, but namkeen lassi is the ideal beverage for satisfying thirst and cooling down on hot summer days! This salted lassi is topped with some mint leaves, black salt, and cumin powder that has been roasted. It goes without saying that it is made from curd.

 Dahi Bhindi

Delicious vegetables like bhindi are a terrific source of collagen, and we all know how crucial collagen is for having healthy, youthful skin. Bhindi is a delicate vegetable that tastes fantastic when cooked in a dahi sauce with a splash of tomatoes for some extra tanginess. Serve with boiled rice, rotis, or naan.

Dahi Kurkuri

Is there anything tastier than curd- and-spice-filled, crispy paneer kebabs? In our opinion, no! It is simple to make and pairs fantastically with mint chutney. The ideal food for the rainy season is kurkuri dahi!

Black Dhokla

You’ll need black gram, sour curd, and rice to make this delicate, sponge-like cake. White dhokla is somewhat akin to the well-known idlis, but it has a more sour flavor with a hint of flavorful ginger and chilli.


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