9 Non Alcoholic Christmas Drinks

Food and drink are some of the most merry aspects of Christmas. When a lot of relatives and friends get together for Christmas, drinking is customary. The best course of action, or at the very least having these options available, may be to choose non-alcoholic beverages on certain holiday occasions. But the fun doesn’t have to end when the spirits are put away; you can still throw a fantastic Christmas party by whipping up some spectacular seasonal concoctions. These mocktails, which have chai tea, peppermint, and apple cider as components, are enjoyable by all. Check out these 9 greatest non-alcoholic cocktails if you’re ready to host your next holiday party with amazing mocktails on the menu.

Cinnamon Latte

Have you ever cooked beverages in a slow cooker? It only requires throwing the items into the Crock-Pot, which will afterwards produce a delectable gingerbread and coffee mixture.

Seasonal Sangria

With this recipe, sangria is completely alcohol free while yet tasting as good as the summertime staple. Wine should be swapped out with seasonal fruit juices and spices like cranberries, cinnamon, and cloves.

Hot chocolate with eggnog

Eggnog and hot chocolate are the two beverages that epitomize the holidays. Combine the two ingredients to create a creamy, sweet beverage that will quickly become your new favorite holiday libation.

Mocktail with apple and pomegranate

This delightful, berry-bright mocktail is made with grenadine, apple cider, and cranberry juice. It comes out as a deliciously sweet and tart delicacy and can be elegantly garnished with lemon wedges and pomegranate pieces.

Mocktini White Chocolate Peppermint

These cute and tasty mocktinis go together perfectly. Making this luxurious, holiday-themed drink is a blast, and your kids will adore snacking on the crushed peppermint rim.

Hot Buttered Rum without Alcohol

Without the alcohol, this fantastic cocktail tastes just as good. Seasonal spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, crushed cloves, and cardamom are combined with butter, brown sugar, and heavy cream in this alcohol-free version.

Rosalind Pucker

Chardonnay vinegar, rosemary simple syrup, and sparkling water are combined to create this delectable mocktail with rosemary flavor. The adults at your upcoming holiday party will enjoy this mouthwatering, refreshing cocktail.

Grapefruit Ginger Basil Spritzer

This mocktail spritzer is the ideal addition to your holiday brunch party if you’re looking for the next great drink. This crisp, thirst-quenching variation on the traditional mimosa becomes a new holiday favorite thanks to the addition of ginger soda, fresh basil leaves, and grapefruit.

Mocktail of cider, thyme, and tonic

This alcohol-free beverage has an unusual flavor combination, like thyme and cider, which will intrigue your visitors while still making them want more the entire party. Apple cider, freshly squeezed lemon juice, tonic water, and thyme simple syrup are all required in this recipe. Lemon wedges and a few sprigs of fresh thyme can be used as garnish. At your Christmas party this year, this fantastic mocktail will definitely catch everyone’s attention and satisfy palates.


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