9 Proofs You’re Way More Beautiful Than You Think

There will always be a fresh physique or beauty trend on what’s in or out. Many characteristics that people once viewed as defects or failings are today the very essence of beauty because the concept of beauty is continually changing. Today’s supermodels sport the same physical characteristics that made you the target of bullying in middle school. Here are the five perceived weaknesses that, in 2018, actually help you stand out from the crowd in a stunning way.

1. Spotty skin

However, we think freckles are a pretty cool and exotic trait, whether they are simply on your face or all over your body. Anyone with freckles has certainly had some insecurities in their lives. Imagine yourself as a sleek, seductive leopard with unique skin. They may not have always been the symbol of fabulousness, but they certainly are now!

2. Large Size

Anyone who reads Sports Illustrated and notices Ashley Graham on the cover will know that plus size is now considered as being attractive. People are now desperately attempting to acquire those curves that society once disdained, rather than trying to drop a ton of weight to emulate stick-thin runway models. Models are becoming bigger even on the catwalk!

3. Vitiligo and birthmarks

Unusual birthmarks and skin diseases like vitiligo are difficult to accept and frequently prevent you from realizing your genuine beauty. Winnie Harlow, a stunning butterfly of a woman and former ANTM contestant, is undisputed evidence of that. Consider this: Your skin already has beautiful makeup built into it; why hide it?

4. Long and curly hair

Curly and unmanageable hair used to be frowned upon (apart from a Jane Fonda style blowout or feathering). However, harmful straighteners and other treatments were continually being used to tame your thick, untamed curls, hiding your true beauty. People are now purchasing wigs and weaves solely to replicate such large, voluminous curls. You’ll be amazed by the compliments you receive if you put down the straightening iron.

5. Tooth Gap

You feel out of place if you have a gap in one of your teeth. I can speak to it because I had one when I was younger. However, models who are successful internationally often have a gap tooth, which is thought by many to be the pinnacle of a girl’s cuteness. Consider Lauren Hutton, a former supermodel, and Georgia May Jagger. Although brands attempted to conceal Lauren’s gorgeous gap, her followers eventually failed to notice it. Your face will appear more innocent and charming with this expression!

6. Strong Legs

Back then, if you were a female with strong legs, you might have been mistakenly referred to as “manly” or “fat.” Strong legs, however, are attractive, and some stick-thin ones can’t compete in a pair of heels! If you naturally possess an athletic figure, congrats! It’s the perfect style for 2018! To achieve even half of that look, many ladies must spend hours at the gym.

7. Large Boots

Similar to the current trend of “bigger is better,” large booties used to draw a lot of criticism. Girls with pancake behinds were common on the runways and even in bikini photo shoots. Fortunately, celebrities like the Kardashians altered that and helped women understand that having a big booty simply enhances your beauty. Initially, Sir Mix-a-Lot won the feminist title.

8. A small chest

In high school, girls with smaller busts or late bloomers frequently faced taunts. But many models and well-known people who are known for their looks are flat-chested, or as we prefer to say, prettily tiny.

9. Moles and Beauty Spots

If you have moles or beauty spots that you’re always concealing with makeup, let them go! You shouldn’t be alarmed if you have a couple that are asymmetrical or appear in unexpected locations because Cindy Crawford had a beauty spot and is the very definition of a goddess. We’re totally smitten with them, even though they’re simply adorable lone freckles.


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