9 Reasons Why Bad Men Are Like Junk Food

When you think about it, bad men are much like junk food. When you first see them, they seem so alluring and worthwhile, and while you’re eating them, you’re euphoric, but after you consume them, bad things happen. And bed men give you much more than just an upset stomach. Here’s why unhealthy food and men have a lot in common.

1. Put it down to the TV

Everything begins with television and deceptive representations in commercials and entertainment. On television, cheeseburgers and men are both presented as having all the qualities we desire in a meal and a partner. You may see the worst men on one episode of Gossip Girl or Vampire Diaries and stop caring about how they would treat you because, well, look at that 8-pack. A decent one can come your way if you give up on your superficial veneer and focus on your appearance.

2. Although the exhilaration is wonderful, the crash is not.

The primary components of the junk food we all enjoy are salt and sugar. These, along with MSG, are the main addictive factors in these foods. But we are all aware of their toxicity. Even though we are aware that eating those chips could damage our skin, cause heart disease, and ultimately send us on an emotional roller coaster, similar to shady males, we just can’t seem to stop eating them until the entire bag is gone. Girl, it’s not worth it for the rush!

3. then comes the guilt

You begin to feel regret for your behavior after bingeing on a bag of McDonald’s. Your energy is depleted, and you are aware that your water retention will be extreme the next day, yet you still couldn’t help yourself. Poor eating choices are not great for your self-esteem or your mental health, much like a person with bad vibes, and shouldn’t be a part of your long-term plan.

4. Both are unpleasant.

We all know that nausea may make you physically ill if you date the wrong man or indulge in the wrong junk food. Preservatives and inexpensive substances are bad for your body. In addition to making you physically ill, a man will also make you emotionally and mentally unwell. Starting a healthier lifestyle is the answer to feeling better. less revolting food and less revolting persons. To us, that sounds good.

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5. Always choose premium over low-quality products.

Baby girl, you deserve a top-quality steak, not a frozen cheeseburger. Like selecting a subpar beef patty, picking a lousy man is not a wise use of your time, effort, or money. You may receive money support from him, but are you emotionally satisfied? Do not let yourself settle for a subpar imitation; you deserve the real thing.

6. same poison

Some villains wear good men’ disguises. It takes some time to develop your radar so you can stay clear of the drama and shadiness, but once you do and you start to trust your gut, life will be lot better. Why seek so much approval when you are so fantastic on your own? Too much lowering of standards can cause you to alternate between different types of awful men, giving you the false impression that you are developing. Just as awful as a quarter pounder is a salmon filet and chicken burger, so resist the impulse to keep moving between unhealthy selections and wait until you become truly hungry.

7. Being powerful is a decision.

We all have willpower, but it might be challenging to use it. When we’re feeling down about ourselves, many of us turn to emotional eating for solace. When we’re not feeling our best, we frequently choose the wrong things to eat and do romantically. But you can break your toxic man habit just like you can break your hot dog habit. Keep in mind that you are independent and have no fear of men if you find yourself spiraling.

8. The similarities between binge eating and binge dating are minimal.

It’s similar to overindulging in fast food when you’ve been on too many disastrous dates. Even when you are fully aware that a train wreck is on your way, you can’t stop even though you know the outcomes will be terrible. One terrible hamburger, and you’ve already consumed the entire menu. You only need one night with a bad boy cutie to start sleeping with a different energy vampire every night. Even in informal situations, slow down and save your energy for a man who deserves it.

9. Both of them wear you out.

One thing is certain: both men and poor food leave you feeling weary. Chronic weariness brought on by junk food makes it challenging to execute daily duties. The worst kind of man is no different. He won’t be worth it at all, but he’ll be on your mind all day, making you wonder things like, “Why hasn’t he texted back?” Why does he want to trick me? Why do we split up and then reconcile so frequently? Instead, stick to a healthy trail mix and a guy who genuinely understands how to appreciate women.