9 Signs You Love Your Partner More Than He Loves You

It’s a great thing to find love, but it’s not always simple. Even while we’d all like to believe that love in a relationship is always perfectly equal, that isn’t always the case. Unfortunately, this occurs because we sometimes put more effort into a relationship than our partners do because we love them more than they love us.

Mutual love is truly a miracle, but what if you fall more in love with him than he does with you? Some could counter that it doesn’t matter whether the dynamic of the relationship swings in one direction if you and your partner are on the same road. However, if you do want to know if the playing field is level, there are certain clear signals. Here are several indicators that you might have a stronger crush on him than he does.

1. You discover that you receive less in return

If you always take the initiative and start acts of generosity that aren’t returned, this can be a warning. If you discover that your love is never returned, whether it be through gift-giving, cooking, or even sexual preferences, it may be time to acknowledge that you love your spouse more than they love you.

2. You’re willing to miss out on time with friends and they’re not

If your significant other is reluctant to change plans or cancel arrangements when you’re typically the one, they may win the argument. They might not be as understanding about losing out on time with friends if you cancel because you want to spend more time with your partner or because you’ll be thinking about them the entire night out. Just to be clear, it’s crucial to take regular breaks from your friendships. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, as the saying goes.

3. He knows less about you than you know about him.

If you truly love your partner, you should take an interest in their life and remember details. However, it can indicate that you care more if your significant other knows much less about you than you do about them. If your partner isn’t honest about their lives outside of your relationship, you should feel the same way.

4. You consistently take the lead.

If you’re the one in charge of scheduling everything, from proposals to dates with your partner, it shows that you’re more invested. Planning around your hectic schedule requires effort, and it should involve both of you. You should expect surprises, dinner dates, and trips that your boyfriend puts effort into, just like you do.

5. He doesn’t bring you up in future conversations

You picture them in your future when you’re truly madly in love with someone, right? He doesn’t envision you in his future if he doesn’t bring you up in the conversation about it. While you might be daydreaming about getting married, having children, and everything else in the years to come, his exclusion of you might indicate that you love him more, or worse, that you aren’t a top priority in his life.

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6. His dreams are prioritized.

You should both be interested in the things that each of you is passionate about. When he discourages you despite the fact that you always encourage his goals, you are unquestionably giving him greater love. Everyone should have a spouse that is supportive of their goals; in fact, your partner ought to be your number one supporter!

7. They’re not willing to compromise, but you are

In a relationship, you don’t always receive what you desire. Sometimes you have to compromise or meet someone halfway. If your spouse won’t compromise so that the two of you can work things out, it can be a sign that he doesn’t care enough to do so. You’re not on a good path if you’re prepared to give up your own idea of happiness for the benefit of your relationship as a whole but your partner isn’t.

8. They are absent when you require them.

It’s a warning sign if your partner consistently bails on you and is absent when you need them. Are you prepared to put everything on hold in order to stand by your partner? That is what true love entails. It’s not good if you need their support, counsel, or just a shoulder to cry on and they suddenly never show up or tell you it’s not a big problem. In the end, love is all about being there for the other person.

9. They forget big days that are important to you

If a date is important to you and he doesn’t even know what day of the month it is—whether it’s a family engagement, your birthday celebration, or your anniversary with your boyfriend—you might be more invested. Celebrating significant occasions together can strengthen a relationship and help a couple get closer. Lack of concern for them entails general lack of concern.